Cannot modify Scenes in new app

I’m have the same issue mentioned in this post (New apps keeps crashing)

I tired deleting them from the app and the app crashes. I tired accessing scenes from the IDE and I can’t pull up the page - get the following error “An error occurred fetching scenes for this location”

I’ve already spent countless hours re-adding most of my devices but I still have a long way to go, especially if I can’t edit scenes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

iOS or Android or both?

Can you edit the scenes by long clicking them in the “main window” the of the app?
That’s the only place I can edit them…
Under the menu scenes I can’t do anything.

Where are scenes accessible in the IDE?

You didn’t say how you’re trying to edit scenes in the app.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? That can sometimes clean up issues and it’s fairly painless.

The app crashes on Android. I’m using Chrome to access the IDE

In the android app I can edit the scene but I can’t delete the scene. The long press edit works as does going to the Scenes page via the menu. Here I can add devices/actions but when I try to delete the scene it crashes the app.

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Click My Locations -> Select your Location -> Bottom of the page is a link for “List Scenes”

Trying to delete the scene entirely. I can add devices and remove devices, but required to have at least one device in a scene, you can’t save an empty scene.

My goal is to clean things up and start fresh on some of the scenes since they aren’t all working as they did with the old Smartthings App.

Will try reinstalling again.

Uninstalling the app allowed me to delete the scenes I was trying to remove.

I still cannot access scenes from the IDE, wonder if that is some other kind of limitation.

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Wow, not sure how I missed this.

I’ve had no issues with scenes. I’ve got around a dozen that I trigger multiple times per day using either the app or Alexa. And I edit them fairly often, most recently yesterday to remove the pocket socket that had been for the Christmas tree.

When I go to the List Scenes link for my only location, I get:
An error occurred fetching scenes for this location

So. A data point. Unsure what to make of it.

it appears that has stopped working for everyone back in Nov/Dec. Or at least, many users have reported the same error when attempting to access scenes through IDE.

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I have the same issue in the IDE and cannot change, create, or delete from the app either.

I’m also having this issue. Another interesting thing is that sometime today most of my scenes started setting the wrong colors on my RGB can lights.

This is still happening. Really annoying having all these scenes pop up across my integrated devices (Amazon Echo, namely). I have to manually disable these scenes everywhere. Really looking forward to deleting them.

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Is there any other way to retrieve the unique scene ID? Would like ti activate scenes from a webcore piston, but i need the scene id

good question but I don’t know the answer. i searched on the webcore forum but did not see any answers over there.

but i did find this…