2 Scenes I can't delete

i need help deleting two scenes. they will not go away…

So, you haven’t had any luck?

I am tagging @Brad_ST, he might can help remove those stuck Scenes.

Can you delete them from the mobile app? The Scenes list in the IDE was fixed this week for displaying scenes but I don’t think deletes work.


very good news!
the scenes are already seen in IDE :+1:
Thank you

they don’t appear in the mobile app were you can create and delete them. but the do appear in the scenes on the dashboard…

@Brad_ST can someone edit my account on the server to remove them? since ST is b#%$e!

i think ST techs need a “clean” utility to fix accounts…

it says it is deleted, but it isn’t…

They’ve been deleted.

what was the issue?

If you weren’t seeing them in the app then I’m guessing they failed to migrate from an older version of scenes. That’s usually due to the scene containing devices that are deleted.

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plausible… but they did show on dashboard only…