IDE list scene "An error occurred fetching scenes for this location"

from the IDE if i go to location and list scenes it errors out with “An error occurred fetching scenes for this location?
please fix, i think my scenes are corrupt and there maybe two ghost scenes “All Lights Off” and All Lights On” which maybe the cause.

edit: list favorites does the same thing…

It’s very unlikely this will get fixed since Favorites are gone when Classic died, and Scenes are part of the new platform and aren’t visible in the IDE (just like Automations).

I think, you will have better chances using the CLI to find the Scenes and remove them, if possible.

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i can give a rats a$$ about favorites, you followed that red haring.
SCENES are visible and need to be visible, i need the long a$$ string to fire my scenes in webCoRE.

“Make a POST request to<long a$$ string>/execute with json”

what is the work around then?

what is CLI?


Get the CLI from the link, and you will have access to the scenes, as I can remember, otherwise you need to look at the Rules API documentation and how to use it with Postman.

I’ve just checked and the CLI doesn’t list the Scenes, I thought that it is. Sorry for the confusion.

Get Postman and you can find the SmartThings Public Workspace which has all sort of examples .

and what is POSTMAN?

what is so F#^king hard about things just work in smartthings?

automations ignore perconditions, all i’m trying to do is do a “automation” in webcore since it don’t work in automations…

Just do a GET to /scenes (or /v1/scenes) and you’ll get them all listed.

A fancy tool to torture APIs:

how do i do a GET?

If you aren’t familiar with Postman, APIs, tokens etc, it would be easier to just create a virtual switch and have WebCoRE turn that on and then an automation in the SmartThings app to run your scene.


Like the POST you are proposing to do but choosing GET. Really though I’d suggest if you are not comfortable using something like curl or postman to access the SmartThings API you are probably better off toggling a virtual switch or pushing a virtual button in webCoRE to trigger an Automation to run the Scene.


ok, i don’t know the uuid of all my scenes because ST broke listing scenes. so how do i issue a get in web core? will it return all scenes so i can get the uuid?

There’s some example of using Postman at the SmartThings Developers site.

Instead of the Rules API you’ll use the Scenes API

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list scenes is working currently…

Ok, so now take the ID of the scene you want from the list and perform a POST for it.