Cannot access scenes in IDE - why? Where else to find my scenes' id's?

I cannot access my scenes in the smartthings IDE. I get the error: “An error occurred fetching scenes for this location”.
For me this error has been here for at least a week now.
Why do I need to access this? Because I need to find the id’s of some of my scenes, so I can use them in
Does anyone know why the error show up? When it’ll be fixed? Can I find my scene-id’s anywhere else?

Thank you!

I usually just use the CLI to show my scenes but if you don’t have that you can use the API directly.

Correction: The CLI doesn’t handle scenes yet so I clearly don’t do any such thing. Pretend I didn’t mention that bit. I probably just do:

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer <accesstoken>"

The IDE doesn’t support the Rules API, which scenes have now been migrated to.

Great thanks! I found it using your “curl …” :slight_smile: