Unable to view/edit a number of scenes

I have reached out to Samsung support via phone (their suggestion was to just recreate Scenes), and an on-site chat functionality that was utterly worthless (even though it was labeled SmartThings support, the bot had no awareness of the product).

For several weeks, I’ve been unable to access my Scenes in IDE. I’m consistently met with this message:

An error occurred fetching scenes for this location

In the mobile app, I can see “placeholders” for the Scenes, but can not access them to edit them. You can see the top row in my screenshot that there are four blank icons for inaccessible Scenes.

I know Routines are still triggering the Scenes because life has continued in my house uninterrupted. But I’ve added and removed some devices, and I’d like to edit the Scenes to account for those changes.

When I go into the Routines, it shows they are triggering Scenes, but the Scene field is blank, so I don’t dare save the Routines for fear of really screwing things up.

Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated!

the ability to access scenes in IDE ended towards the end of November/early december 2020 when they started shutting down the old classic part of the platform.

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The current V3 app doesn’t have “routines” anymore. Just scenes and automations . How are you navigating to these?

That explains that piece of the puzzle. Wish the support rep I spoke to on the phone knew that.

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I’m sorry, I meant to say Automations, not routines.

I have some virtual switches I use in place of Routines.

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And the missing scenes item is a known issue back from around February when the mobile app switched to using the Rules API as the underlying storage for scenes and automations. I lost access to about 8 scenes myself and have been waiting for the update that should bring them back.

@vlad - do we have an update on the ‘missing scenes?’

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