Cannot add my Schlage Connect Lock to SmartThings Hub

I feel like I am going crazy. I’ve seen a couple most mentioning all schlage locks are compatible with SmartThings Hub, but I cannot find documentation on Schlage Connect (Z-wave).

Ive plugged the hub in about 1ft away from the door, told the app to add schlage connect lock.

First it tells me to scan the QR code, which it doesnt have. So I proceed to press “Lock does not have QR code” or something similar.

It then instructs me to enter my programming code and press 0. I do that, the lock thinks for about 5 seconds and flashes a big fat red X at me.

Thats as far as I can get.

Model per amazon is " BE469 CEN 622" and on amazon it states smartthings compatible.

have you tried a zwave exclusion on it to reset it?

When I use the new smartthings connect app, add a device, scroll down and select lock then Schlage connect… it tells me this:
If that doesn’t help then Use the older Smartthings Classic app, the newer Smartthings connect app is not solid yet.

Video How To (Smartthings Classic):

After you do a zwave exclusion, factory reset your lock before trying to pair it again. This combo did it for me, along with holding the hub against the lock.
It’s a pain to get it paired, but my schlage has never had an issue since, and is my favorite device.

I have not, in-fact I’m actually not sure what that is.

Can you tell me more about what a zwave exclusion is?

zwave exclusion is a reset process for zwave devices. In the SmartThings app, it is in the menu on the device page for the hub.

In the new app, click your hub from your dashboard. In the top right hand corner there’s 3 dots, click that and choose z wave exclusion. Then run the pairing command on your lock. And you may be able to completely unpair your lock, which allows the lock to be paired again with your hub.

If your hub has already got some pairing information from a failed pair, then it may not be able to pair again. I’m sure there’s a more technical description of this. But I think that’s the gist of it

Perfect the exclusion worked!

Onto a new problem, I have followed this guide

However, the last step where the app should show up under My Apps doesn’t work, nothing shows there.

You’re using the classic app, right?

Keep trying to “Add” the new thing and plugging in that Schlage “6 digit code” followed by a 0. It took me several times and I still go the red “X” but eventually while running Connect ADD Thing it showed up and I was able to rename and add to my routines (unlock with presence arrives; etc).

Keep trying it is quirky. However, using the new SmartThings app (I have both installed) the new version does not register the lock. I am still working on it and if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. At least I have both the front and back door connected and it has been working correctly. I did unplug the hub for 15 minutes and run the Utilities Repair and that may have also helped.

I just came across another topic where folks were having other issues with Schalge.

Assuming that you’re using the “scan” feature in the new app, I’m wondering if you’re facing an issue with your mesh, it’s worth trying it out, see this FAQ which explains it nicely. FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

Reboot the hub, bring the lock within 5 ft of the hub and then try to pair it. Thereafter add a repeater between the lock and the hub to improve the communication stability.

I have a Schlage connect lock. When I first paired it on my front door it was fine. This was a good 30 feet away from the hub. When I renamed my network it just point blank refused to connect. I spent hours on the phone with Schlage and tried a million different things but nothing worked. I eventually gave up and moved it to the side door that doesn’t get used much. I replaced it with a Yale lock and that works perfectly every time.

I fond Schlage customer service to be worse than useless. The door it’s on now is directly below the hub, less than 2 feet away from a smart strip which is also outside and about 6 feet away from a smart plug and Samsung motion detector which are both in the room that the door opens onto and it still won’t connect. The lock works, just not with ST. I wouldn’t recommend Schlage to anyone.

Do you mean it doesn’t pair? If so try this:

  1. Exclude the lock
  2. Reset the lock to factory defaults
  3. Reboot the hub (don’t miss this)
  4. Bring the lock within 5ft of the hub and then try to pair it

Yup, tried that. About a dozen times when this first started, and again when Schlage suggested it. It’s just not showing up at all. I brought the hub and the lock to the same room as the router and sat them all in a triangular pattern about 2m apart, and it still didn’t see it.

Do you have any custom device handlers installed? If so remove them or republish them due to the stale DTH issue with unused DTH’s.
Ideally you should only be using one of two DTHs’ for the Schlage connect, the stock “Z-Wave Lock” or the “Enhanced Z-Wave Lock” DTH.
If there are any unused lock DTH’s lying around in the IDE it can interfere with the lock pairing process.

Thank you for the tip. I ran the z wave exclusion and was able to pair my lock.

This was from a few months ago - any success? I’m having the same problem - I can exclude the lock, but when trying to pair ST never finds it. Like previous suggestions, I’ve tried the exclude/factory reset the lock/reboot ST hub/ pair again (with the lock touching the hub) many, many times.
As a quirk, I also have a Nexia hub (built into the Trane T-stat, not used for any other HA devices). I tried connecting the lock to that and it paired right away. I excluded from the Nexia, then tried connecting to ST - no dice. Must be a ST issue?
As a note - I have two of these locks - the first one connected no problem at all, but the second refuses…

Yes, I did get it resolved, but unfortunately I can’t remember what we did. I do remember that I called Schlage again and the steps the lady I spoke with took me through were subtly different to before. The lock is on my house in Mexico though and I am back in the UK now so I can’t remind myself of the steps to see if it prompts anything. Racking my brains, I seem to remember it was something to do with a pause in the process somewhere along the line

Migrating to Aeotec Hub:
I had to use the 6 digit Programing Code + 0 on BOTH the Exclude & Include procedures!
I had the hub within 5 feet of the lock…not sure if needed.
I did a Repair Z-Wave Network after the Inclusion.