Smartthings and Schlage Connect Locks (Z-Wave Network)

Going crazy here . I’m in the US and I initially had zero problems connecting my Schlage Connect locks to the Smartthings hub. However, my Samsung account was registered in Canada and the Smartthings app download doesn’t include the Remote Add/Delete Codes module in Canada. So. I then re-registered in the US and got access to the desired module.

That’s when my issues started. I tried to add the locks again to the Hub (V2) and they couldn’t be recognized this time. After reading some material and thinking I needed to Exclude the locks from the (old) Z-Wave Network, I tried to un-enroll the locks - thinking I would then Re-enroll and then have the locks recognized again.

Not happening… Can’t add them to the Hub and can’t exclude them.
Any ideas??
Thanks, much appreciated

Do you have any custom device handlers installed for z-wave locks? If yes, open the device handler in IDE and choose Publish for Me. There is a known issue where device handlers can become stale preventing you from pairing the locks.

No… Pretty vanilla set up here. Just the Smartthings Hub (v2) and the Schlage connect locks

So to exclude… you put the hub in exclusion mode, pressed 0 on your lock, then the 6 digit code and I believe 0 again and then get a green check mark on the lock and ST should report a decice was excluded?

Yes… put it into exclusion mode, but I didn’t enter the first 0, just the 6 digits followed by a 0. I will try it your way and get back. Thanks!

Better read your guide first… I may have got that last part wrong… I can’t remember if the last selection was 0 or not. I got rid of my schlage lock over a year ago.

No joy… the lock is expecting either the Programming Code or a valid 4-digit code. When I enter the first 0, it tries to find a valid code and the Red “X” comes up. When I enter the Programming Code first, then the 0, it tries to access the Hub and just comes back with the “X”. No Green tick, sadly

See, I told you I forgot. There is no zero to start :wink:

Put your hub in exclusion mode. On your Schlage Z-Wave Lock, start by activating the keypad. Then enter in the Programming Code found on the white sticker underneath the device’s main cover. After you have entered the code, an orange light will appear next to the [0] key. Press the [0] key to confirm. The lock will transmit a signal to the controller or hub. The Z-Wave controller will then clear the lock from the network. You should receive confirmation on the Z-Wave controller or hub that a device has been cleared. Keep in mind that you may need to have the lock in close proximity to the controller or hub for the signal to go through successfully.

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I’ll try again but just got called away. Thanks for all your help. I will get back later and advise on whether that works but it sounds like what I have done in the past. Fingers crossed.

Thanks! The exclusion worked! Once they were all excluded, they were easily added again but that was the problem. Thought so, just wasn’t able to do it on my own. I’m happy again lol