Cannot pair Schlage Connect Z-Wave with ST Hub v3

I believe I know why but what I hope to learn from you is if there is any solution at all. This Schlage Connect lock was previously paired with a Wink hub and was working fine until the office was burglarized and the Wink hub was stolen. I suspect I can’t pair the lock with the ST hub until I unpair it from the Wink hub, which I can’t do, not unless I buy a new hub and pay for the Wink subscription. Is this correct or is there another way to get them to pair? Thanks.

You can. Just run z-wave exclusion from the ST app and then you should be able to connect it to the ST hub.

  • start the exclusion
  • go to the lock and enter the programming code followed by 0. When you see the green check mark, it should be excluded
  • then try to add from app
  • at lock enter programming code followed by 0. If green check mark, then it has been added.

If not successful, reset lock, follow instructions above but bring lock closer to hub


Check out this topic:

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It worked! Thank you very much.

@RBoy Thanks very much for the doc. I’m sure it will be useful.