Automation/Device Control issues (17-18 Nov 2020)

So wife called me on way home says front porch and outside garage lights not on at sunset. I grabbed my phone and it showed the devices off. When i tried to turn them on from app i got a pop up message “a new device handler is available to download” I did that and no change. I can see that she turned them on but any wifi switch i have if i go to turn it on/off nothing happens at all I should say it does make like the little circle
Around the button but no change in status. Im lost on what is going on. Any help appreciated.

There were a couple of short outages earlier today so always possible there may be something going on … but nothing showing on the status page at the moment.

Ok yeah weird that i can see from my app the device updates but i cant do them remotely. Will see how it goes through the night. Is there a way on ST app to test/run an automation to test it?

I don’t believe there is an ability to test

Seems like a miss and an easy add. Even apple home has that.

Still no change after hours. If i go to my leviton app i can turn the switch on and off. The ST app updates the change but look at this pic. The ST app is not changing the icon between on and off. Look at Garage Light

Try rebooting your hub in IDE.

If still experiencing issues with control, contact ST support. :slight_smile:

Ok i see my hub where is reboot?

Found it after i did a google search…why i didnt just GTS is beyond me. Im a loser

Rebooted hub from ide no change. The app is successfully seeing device changes and it looks like it ran the automation this moring for sunrise and shut off lights. I checked my MyQ to IFTTT automation but it doesnt work now.

I feel like the cloud to cloud integrations are still busted for some reason.

Who should i call? Sorry never had any issues with ST before other than losing echo speaks.

Two ways…

From the app, click on menu and select contact us. This allows you o attach logs.

Or go to this page listed below for email and a number you can call. Generally, contacting them directly by phone and speaking with a rep might be a faster response than email. Just keep in mind, it is the first level of support where you may get some wacky responses.


I failed to mention that you may want to contact Leviton as they own and manage the integration. Always a possibility there is an issue on their end -doubtful. But see if they are experiencing or seeing any issues with the integration. If they are, I assume they would get in touch with ST to resolve the issue.

Update: I was just looking after @JDRoberts informed me that some of his cloud-to-cloud devices are still off-line since yesterday. I also have some devices off-line. So everyone should report the issues to ST support.

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Thanks. Just spent 20 mins on phone and they are escalating the issue to the next level. And i was wrong in my reply my sunrise automation failed. My wife just turned the lights off manually. Thanks for your help.

I went into menu > settings > linked services and opened my integration and clicked done. That restored all my off~line devices after a few minutes.

Did the same and no joy. Interesting is i cant even remove a linked service. If i try and delete it says a network error occurred and to try later. The guy on phone says with the outage yesterday there could be something still happening to my cloud to cloud integrations. Its like it half on. I can see changes on the app but cant make changes and no automations work.

I had routins working but this week they have started to randomly fail. For example I have a wake up routine: It plays a scifi sound, says “good Morning” Turn on bed lamp, Turn on Bathroom light, Turn on Kitchen Light, Give flash briefing, Give weather, Give traffic report.

Well now it will will play scifi sound, Turn on Kitchen light, but all the rest it doesn’t do.

this situation has got worse! now all devices are offline. My neighbors is working fine. I have already been on IFTTT and just swapped some of my automations for leviton to control directly with my MYQ garage through IFTTT instead of having ST and MYQ through IFTTT. A few more seconds delay but at least it works. I may just kind of go this route for a bit. Only thing I am missing is Virtual switch but I think i can get by for a bit until my ST gets back up and running.

There are some ideas in the following how to article. None of them are as easy as a virtual Switch in smartthings, but if you really need one, there might be a way.

Alternatives to virtual switches and sensors

thanks. I bought a hubitat and just now getting it spun up. I only bought it for the echo speaks. all my switches are wifi but I have a ST multi sensor that I use for the freezer in the garage being left open. Sends alerts and the echos make an announcement in the house that the freezer is open, it also just says thank you on the garage echo when you close it. So just getting started with getting that set up. I see that hubitat can make a virtual switch and hubitat has a IFTTT integration so im getting out a peice of paper and pencil to see if I can get these to work together. My VS is used for my garage lights to turn them off but only if they were triggered by opening/shutting the garage door. I dont want the lights to turn off after 5 minutes if i have just used the regular switch to turn them on. its such a nice feature that I hope to get working again.

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