Automation\App Issues Again (21 Jan 2021)

So last night I noticed my integration with Alexa freaked out. Normally when my garage door opens or closes Alex yells out “The Garage Door Is Open!”. That stopped. It could see the sensor fine. So I disabled\enabled the skill in Alex and it fixed. Okay so that was that. Then at a certain time of night I have a Smartthings automation that checks if the garage, landing, front and back doors are closed and it makes an announcement over my Sonos speaker. Well, the voice magically changed from female to male all on its own!

Also I have an automation that checks the garage door\motion sensors and such to determine if it should turn off the lights in my garage. Well again all by magic, the check to see if the garage door was open or closed disappeared out of the automation. It’s MAGIC!

This morning I noticed that my 2 garage lights are not being turned off. One is. One is not. Re-created the automation and it worked once then no more. And it’s always the same light.

Are we having issues again?

Not again. Still. :scream:

The platform API issues that began on January 15 are still not fully resolved.

See the status page:

Yeah, something is up because STHM is saying all my sensors are offline right now. Here we go again…


I wondered. I looked and noticed there wasn’t a message saying things are resolved. I am really considering moving to Hubitat.


As I have reported in another thread I started having issues after the 1/21 app update where lock signals kept going to my locks over and over after I armed the system at night. I could not “Disarm” as the system would simply rearm again. The only I could stop it is kill the app on my phone and disconnect my ST Hub.
This morning I think I figured out that the problem has to do with the way the app is handling automations. Seems to be running them over and over. Once I disabled the automation that is trigger by setting the system to STAY this behavior stopped. Of course that leaves a number of functions important to me undone but I am working to see if I can figure a way around that.
I have been in touch with ST support but so far no help.

All my tiles just readjusted. Also maybe someone can answer this. So I have an automation that if my landing and garage doors are closed and the motion detectors in the garage have no motion for 1min then if the lights are they are to be turned off. This seems to usually work and the trigger to turn them on is generally the landing door open. But I have noticed that if I turn the lights on using the App then the automation to turn them off never triggers. Is that supposed to be that way?

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I have 2 automations which are completely screwed up since installing the latest app version. Tweaking and rebuilding them yields the same failed result. (all other automations work correctly). I’m really starting to loose my patience with this platform as its gone from decent with occasional quirks to downright sux…a new issue almost daily. ST demise started the very day Samsung got its fangs on it.

Unacceptable on a whole, new level. Honestly, not sure what to even think about the length of this outage, and the lack of status updates/communications around it from Samsung. Really bad optics and very unsettling. I’m losing what little faith I have left.


UPDATE: After giving up, the WiFi came up on it’s own about 10 minutes ago. I guess the platform is getting slammed with requests and it just took a couple hours of retries to go through.

Weak . . .

I got a notification that the issues were resolved, but I am still unable to get my WiFi hub registered. I guess I will get on the phone again with them for an update. The 36-302 error is gone, but I get a network or server error now when trying to activate the WiFi and the SSID never shows up. Very disappointing.

This service is just getting worse and worse - thank you Samsung for roping customers into your smarthome ecosystem and then stopping the manufacture of devices and letting the service go to the dogs. Lesson learnt.

I am in the UK and have not suffered with any of the above issues until today.

What I am seeing is any automation via Smart Lighting is not working.

I had an automation that ran everyday, several times a day for the last couple of years and over the last few days it broke. Won’t run half the time and when it did it didn’t run right.

It was a pretty basic deal.

IF Garage door = closed
IF Garage Motion = no motion for 1 minute
IF Landing door closed
Turn off garage light east delay 30 secs
Turn off garage iight west delay 30 secs

The East light started not responding and would stay on. I staggered the delays to 20 and 30 secs and it would work some of the time.

Just adding my datapoint here. Ran into major issues with random lights not responding, turning on/off without being triggered, etc. Everything seemed to calm down except now any automation that relies on “turn off after x minutes” will not work most of the time.

I have a motion sensor in my hallway to turn on 2 hallway lights. One light will reliably turn off after 10 minutes, the other light will turn on but will not turn off.

I have a contact sensor on my sliding glass door that will turn on my backyard lights if it’s after 7pm and turn off after 30 minutes and it never turns them off anymore.

It seems ST is investigating this.


I changed a few of my automations because they just quit working like they used too. But one of the issues was exactly the same, one light would turn off and one would not. This automation ran fine for years until a few weeks ago. Disappointing to say the least.

I did not make any changes, but I’m happy to report my automations are now working perfectly. As saosinx88 pointed out, it looks like they were aware about it and got it fixed. Yay.


After seeing your post I re-enabled my automations and they indeed appear to be working correctly now.


I had an automation working for over a year. 1 sensor to trigger 3 lights simultaneously. 3 lights to stay on for 2 minutes and all auto turn off together. Now 1 light, lets call it light A will turn on only. After 2 minutes when light A turns off, light B will turn on. After 2 minutes when light B turns off, light C turns on for 2 minutes.

In the automation if I toggle the the “Auto turn off (after 2 minutes)” to off for each light, then they all turn on together as expected when the sensor is triggered. However its a middle of the night, hall/toilet/bedroom automation where I need the lights to turn off when I go back to bed without me having to manually do it.

Same thing happening here…

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