Is the platform bonked today or is it just me? (28 August 2022)

Can’t access any devices through the app.

The web interface shows everything similarly.

Not just you - labels are incorrect, statuses are not updating and devices are unresponsive.

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Looks like I can now access devices through, but nothing but blank tiles and “network connection” messages through the app.

Now it looks like it just all returned.

Yes just now fixed. Nothing had been mentioned on

Lower your expectations, lol.


Additional lol. I sent in an email to support to request they “check the platform”. As would be expected, response suggested I uninstall and reinstall the app.

Since the weekend (not sure exactly when) my App has no devices. I was worried, but they’re all still in the developer console, they’re all accessible on (how have I only just come across this?) and my automations are all still running.

I think uninstalling and reinstalling may actually not be a bad idea!

I believe there is an issue with the app for some users on the Android platform so you may want to hold off with uninstalling/reinstalling. Best to contact ST support to report the issue.

Thanks, it doesn’t massively concern me personally. I bit the Home Assistant bullet about 6 months ago and have been slowly migrating my automations over. In my setup ST is going to end up as a glorified Zigbee/Z-wave hub

…and, with little to no fanfare, they’re back. Most odd. :man_shrugging: