Automation/Device Control issues (17-18 Nov 2020)

Im still down. Hubitat up and running. Using IFTTT as a replacement. Working fine. A little slower by about 3 seconds but at least its working.

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I have been down without leviton support for almost 2 weeks now. Never heard back from Samsung. I have moved over to hubitat and although I dont have direct control of my leviton devices from the app I can just use the leviton app at this point. I have my Echo speaks back up and working in Hubitat. I may just unplug it and be done with it.

I saw where you rebooted the hub. was that a powercycle or through IDE? Have you tried powering it down for a few minutes (removing the batteries if you have a v2)?

yeah tried the power down first. No batteries in it. Its a cloud issue of some sort.