Automations Going Haywire (UK) (26 Jan 2021)


I’ve tried posting this as a ticket twice to support but it keeps getting deleted.

I notice on your the ST support page it says the automation issues have been fixed for EU. They definitely have not!

I’m a UK user and for the last week or so my automations are all over the place. Sometimes triggering sometimes not. Sometimes only triggering certain devices in an automation. Sometimes triggering hours later.

Is this something that’s being looked in to still or is it a known problem? I’ve rebooted my system to no avail and then spent three hours rebuilding it (so it’s definitely not on my end) everything works via voice (Google) or manually in its native app or manually on the ST app.

The motion sensors seem to be kaput or as I said only working sometimes or for certain switches or lights in a group or whatever, it’s a nightmare!

I’ve also now noticed that automations that only turn on one light or switch are fine it’s just automations that turn on multiple… It seems to pick one of the lights or switches and turns that on but nothing else and it seems to pick one at random and then switch to a different one when the sensor is next triggered.

until a week ago everything worked perfect, I haven’t had to do a full rebuild in about 3 years!

Please help :sob:

This forum was set up many years ago so that customers could help other customers. It’s not an official support channel and it’s not officially monitored for trouble reports. For that, you need to use the email address on the following page:

That said, about all we can tell you is that you’re definitely not the only one. Multiple people have been having problems for apparently multiple different reasons over the last few days. :disappointed_relieved:

Check the Preconditions in Your Automations! (January 2021)

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I’m also in the UK and agree there were some oddities over the last week but for me everything seems to be back to normal

I have multiple switches and lights triggered by automations and all seem fine, one thing I don’t do is start again with a rebuild, if the ST backend is undergoing changes and causing issues a rebuild won’t fix anything

Best bet is to sit tight and wait for the backend to settle or off load some automations temporarily onto Google or Alexa which I have done but can get a bit confusing later down the line when you forget which automation is triggered where

Thanks guys, I’ve posted official support tickets twice but then when I check a few hours later they’ve been deleted for some reason!