Automatically arm smart home monitor

(Jimmy) #41

Probably region. I’m on V3 and can still access SHM in Classic. But I also had a V2 hub on my account at one time. :man_shrugging:t2:

(Antonio J A Garcez) #42

It seems I made some progress but I didn’t test because I am not able to satisfy the condition “everyone leaves” because here is 3am and my wife is sleeping and I don’t want her procceding “smart divorce”.

What I made:

  • Under the Apps menu on Android, I cleaned cache and data on the Classic app;
  • I got in New app and deleted SM on automations;
  • I got in Classic app, logged in again (because all data was wiped) and find the only way to add Smart Monitor through the Classic app - at least here, in my system): there is a banner on bottom of Dashboard screen. That is where I got to add Smart Monitor using Classic app.

Thank you, JKP.

(jkp) #43

you have the option of choosing which presence sensors to use in that section. You can create different routines for different circumstances,