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Automatically arm smart home monitor

(Jimmy) #41

Probably region. I’m on V3 and can still access SHM in Classic. But I also had a V2 hub on my account at one time. :man_shrugging:t2:

(Antonio J A Garcez) #42

It seems I made some progress but I didn’t test because I am not able to satisfy the condition “everyone leaves” because here is 3am and my wife is sleeping and I don’t want her procceding “smart divorce”.

What I made:

  • Under the Apps menu on Android, I cleaned cache and data on the Classic app;
  • I got in New app and deleted SM on automations;
  • I got in Classic app, logged in again (because all data was wiped) and find the only way to add Smart Monitor through the Classic app - at least here, in my system): there is a banner on bottom of Dashboard screen. That is where I got to add Smart Monitor using Classic app.

Thank you, JKP.

(jkp) #43

you have the option of choosing which presence sensors to use in that section. You can create different routines for different circumstances,

(Philip Williams) #44

I was hoping Samsung would have fixed this by now. So the weird thing that I found is that you can schedule the arm/disarm on a time schedule though. I guess if you know that you typically leave home at 8am and get back at 6pm then it’s ok. Buy it would be way better to have it change statistics on your physical location

(Topher Mori) #45

I was also expecting to see this fixed by now however I’m starting to think it’s gone on purpose. For liability reasons they don’t want the home not arming itself due to poor communication with your phone. Then you blaming them for not letting you know when someone accesses your home.

(dunginhawk) #46

So I dont actually use presence sensors to disarm/arm. Ive always set a time of day…I have it set on the new app, and thats fine… BUt I cant seem to find out how to turn it off on the old app. Just disable it all together?? I dont want to kill the old app just yet… I will kill the automation sequence in webcore which should never arm it… but just wondering if there is a way within the old app to just kill the smart home monitor piece.

(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #47

SHM are separate applications within each app. If you no longer want to use SHM in the classic app you would need to disable it.

If you delete all the rules associated with it it will go away.

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(dunginhawk) #48

i went back to classic app… new app is nice for paging through all my things, but awful at everything else :slight_smile: