Arm the house when presence sensor leaves?

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Thanks in advanced for your help…i am new to SmartThngs but i have had a few smart home devices for a while so wanted greater control.

I have set up the Security to do a few things when it is armed…However i can only find a setting to get the system as away when the presence sensor leaves rather than arm the security system - am i doing something wrong?

I am also struggling as i am having to use two apps to do everything - is that right? SmartThings and SmartThings original - as they both seem to do different things?

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It’s not clear if you have the ADT hub or not, but my comments are tailored to the non-ADT versioin.

When you say that you can only get the “system as away” are you referring to the mode (in the older Classic version of the app)? When you say you are trying to “arm the security system” are you referring to setting the SHM to Armed?

If you are then you can change both the mode and the SHM using a Routine (in the Classic app). Click the settings gear icon and scroll to the bottom. You will see a setting there to change the mode when the routine runs. Under additional settings, you will also see a setting to Automatically perform . . . when . . . , which is referring to the SHM.

If you are using the ADT hub, then someone with knowledge about that hub will have to comment.

Regarding the app, the conventional wisdom is to use the older Classic app, as a lot of functionality is not supported in the new app.

Many thanks for the reply…i am so new to this and i really thought it had it all covered but i am so lost with it and the two apps has really thrown me. I have set a lot of things up in the new app as i liked the do this when this happens. So i have set the security up in the new app and think that may be the issue as needs to be in the old app so i will have to move all the things i have done and redo them in the old app?? I have the V2 SmartThings hub if that helps?

The issue i have with the two apps is there is no way to see the things i do in one in the other - if i set it all up in the classic app will it all move over to the new app eventually or am i best to keep to the new app? But the new app does not allow me to arm the system when presence sensor goes way which i think is the real issue.

I don’t use the new app, but I believe that smart home monitor can’t be armed/disarmed by presence. Yet. Maybe that’s the issue you’re running into.

As @Bry explained, in the classic app it’s easy to change SHM’s status with a routine. And the routine itself can be triggered by a presence sensor arriving or leaving.

More generally, yes they have completely bungled the release of their new app, which essentially wasn’t finished. The classic app co-existing at the same time with different features than the new app, just made things more confusing, as you have rightly pointed out.

Thanks for the reply and yes I have now worked out that the arm and disarm does not work on the new app…that said I have decided to stick with it as I actually quite like the way you programme actions, prefer it to the old app. However I am already seeing that it is not 100% ready and not all of it works, however when they have sorted that I think it will be ok. Although that said I do not really know much better as only just started to use it…had I been with the old app for a while I may think differently.

I have managed to bodge what I wanted to do with the automation in the new app so I will still get the alerts as if I had armed the house when in away mode.

Thanks again though :slight_smile:

The only thing I’ve found besides time that can automatically arm/disarm in the new app is the new button. You could always stick one in your car and press it while pulling out of the garage.

It works fine in the old app. The absence of any presence sensor would put it in away mode. Then I have the alarm settings only in away and night mode.

I was working on getting a siimulated Momentary button working with the new app. You may be able to use that button and have a routine that triggers it based on presense. Then another that basedon those buttons being triggered flips the status of SHM. If you want to try it let me know. I havent published my updated momentary button yet, but will deffineately share if you want to try it.

I think there is something special with the smartsense button device handler that allows it to control SHM in the new app. Maybe why they have it in their private GitHub repo and not the public one? I have several aeon Minimote and those buttons aren’t allowed.

When i get home i will activate my Shield Link and test this out with my custom DTH i got working yesterday in the new app.

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Ok. So I tried it. The simulated button can’t control the new SHM installed in connect. I also checked to see if the SHM uses the same stuff to indicate it is armed and it doesn’t. There is nothing on the hub that indicates alarm status of the new app. Ironically if you install the SHM from the old app it adds the alarm status value to the device in the IDE and you can see that instance. This means smartapps dont currently have a way to interact with the new SHM.

You can now arm and disarm the home monitor in the new Samsung connect app using the latest version with the new automation section. The section previously called automations has now been renamed smart apps

It has been split into Automations and SmartApps. Automations is for the automation creator and SmartApps is for the pre-built and ide installed smart apps.