New App (NOT CLASSIC) Smart Home Monitor NOT integrating with IDE

I have used the SmartThings classic app for the last few years. VERY FUNCTIONAL!!, although more buggy and clunky. I use webCoRE/ ifttt regularly. After the latest update of the new SmartThings app (formerly ‘Connect’), I thought I would give it a try and was quite impressed with the new automations, aesthetic appearance, and functionality.

However, in the new app, when using Smart Home Monitor (SHM), when I switch security settings manually (and inconsistently from automations), these changes don’t seem to be reflected on the SmartThings IDE (ie when I disarm/arm away/arm stay in the New Smartthings App, IDE “Alarm System Status” doesn’t change which makes all other ifttt and webCoRE automations useless). This does not occur in the Classic app.

This is a MASSIVE DETERRENT AWAY FROM THE NEW APP…and until this is fixed, I will stick with the Classic rolled back 2.17… as 2.18.1 has its issues as well.

Anyone that could help would be SO MUCH APPRECIATED!

Did the ide ever show SHM armed state? I only saw location mode. Armed state and mode are two separate things. Either way, new app SHM can’t be used with webCoRE or other groovy smart apps.

The IDE is not supported by the new app and SHM is not Connected to the new Smarthings Home Monitor either. They are 100% independent.

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Thanks for the clarification. I just don’t understand why this all needs to be SO COMPLICATED when considering V3 vs V2. I enjoy the aesthetics of the new app, but hate the lack of integration into IDE (…sigh…)

Has nothing to do with V2 vs V3 hub. It’s Smartthings Classic vs. SmartThings (Samsung Connect).

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Sorry for my ignorance…I meant classic vs new. :wink:

No worries.

The issue is the transformation to the new Samsung SmartThings entity in whole. The process has not been user friendly. V2 hub/v3 hub vs V2 App (Classic) and V3/STSC/new apps operaring at the same time all while having V2 V3 and yes V1 hubs. It has been very confusing for new users and old ST adoptees. Information given to “legacy” users about the path forward has not been forthcoming by Samsung, large bursts of snippets of information at annual SDCs (Smart Things Developers Conferences) excluded. Every thing has been reactionary for the most part., this includes the switch from Smart Home Monitor (SHM) to SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM). The “legacy” users know the IDE is groovy based and the path forward is different. The writing is on the wall - set in stone. Most of us are fine with change, as long as we know how to adapt. With being told that 2.18 is the last update to the classic app, it is sort of the comet hitting the Earth/end of the world… the proverbial ripping off the bandaid would have been less painful…after all we are all living in a world with no backup to our current ST life. In the end we will all evolve into birds or end up as oil. I just wish the metamorphosis was more smoother. Just my 2-cents.


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