SmartThings home monitor arming?

Does anybody have some screenshots of how they have their settings in the new app for arming smart home monitor?? I can’t for the life of me figure this out. Have a konnected board tapped into my panel. I can’t set it Monday to Friday 8 to 4 or use geofencing… at a loss. I prefer to use the new app knowing that the classic app will disappear

Mine is an Automation that is based on at least one of the following conditions being met:

  • Use my keypad to arm
  • All mobile presence sensors have left


  • Send a notification
  • Change security mode to Away
  • Run a scene to turn off all lights and set the mode to Away

Smartthings home monitor (STHM) I the new app and smart home monitor (SHM) in The Classic app are two completely different sets of code.

So just for clarity, which one are you trying to set?

STHM…newer ap

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That should work to arm STHM. Is it?

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I’ve tried so many things!..cant say I’ve had any consistency…but I had the fam included in geofencing… so maybe one of the presence sensors were messing it up. I deleted them all and we’ll see if this works when I get home after work

Also, are you an Android or iPhone user? Android works, but iOS does have issues from my experience. Look through a few discussions in the community regarding iPhone/iOS presence reliability to get more info.

Whole family of 5 is android…I have the s10

Cool, then check to make sure your geofence isn’t too small and set up properly, and your phone connects up to wifi OK. We’re all Android now and it’s been flawless for us. We have a Note 5, an S4 (works great), and about to add an S10.

Crossing my fingers

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How did you get the Phone to only show the First name and last initial? Mine shows the full name and can’t figure out how to change it to just the first name.

For my Android phone, it looks like it get’s the name from 2 areas and makes it one in ST? Maybe?

For example, in my phone’s settings my phone’s name is “John’s Note 5”, and my Samsung Account used for the app has my Name as “John Constantelos”. The mobile presence name for my phone in ST is called “John Constantelos’s John’s Note 5”.

That’s my logic to how/why, but it doesn’t mean that’s right. If you try and change that name in the IDE, or in the Classic app, it will eventually return back to that long freakin name…

The same applies to the other 2 mobile phones I have in ST.

LOL, I just found it under the IDE and changed it there - that updated it on the new app, but it might go back? Weird.

I also found it in my Samsung Account and changed my full last name to my last initial there.That changed the member name in the app, but not the device selected under location.

When I changed it in the IDE it asked me for a default Namespace. Any idea on what i should enter there?

Not sure where that field even is? Here’s what I see:

I clicked on my e-mail address in the top right corner. It looks like if I change it here to just my first name, it uses that and adds " 's "


I found the answer !

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Back on topic, my setup is similar to John’s. It seems to work. As presence sensors I have 2 for my phone and 2 for my wife’s phone. It’s 2 / phone bc I still have them defined in the classic app - I just don’t select them. We also use Android.

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Got geofencing working…deleted everyone and re added them to see who the culprit was. As for the name thang …just used curtis c in my samsung account personal info