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Automatically arm smart home monitor

(Jimmy) #21

Mine is being weird. It doesn’t show at first. But if I go to create a custom automation, back out of creating it, return back to the button screen and try again it’s there. :joy:

(JIm) #22

That doesn’t work on mine. I don’t really need it, but curious about it.

(Jameson) #23

I dont have it as an option either. Weird.

(Sam) #24

My problem exactly as the last few replies.

I wan to automatically Away(ARM) the security system as soon as my Arrival Sensor leaves home (or whenever it detects that it is no longer home). But this option of “Smart Home Monitor” is not available to me. Could this be because of the HUB that I have???

I have the newest Hub that just came out. V3 I guess. Correct me if I am wrong.

(Jimmy) #25

It should be available. In the Classic app, check marketplace>smartapps > SmartThings reccomends. In the new app, automations>add


This is still an issue for me. Any idea when arm/disarm by presence will be added to the new Smart Things app? This is the most important feature for me, and the main thing I used Smart Things Classic for.


Support says they have no plans to add this feature to the new app… :confused:

“Currently, there are no plans to include the option to arm/disarm the Smart Home Monitor based on presence in the new SmartThings App. I apologize for any inconvenience with this. I will be happy to submit a feature request to our engineers so they know of the user demand for this feature in the new app. In the meantime, please use the SmartThings Classic App if you still wish to set up your Smart Home Monitor to arm/disarm based on your presence.”

(Jon) #28

Did you follow this up with them? It’s the main reason for me not being able to completely switch from ST Classic? I will chase this up too.

(Antonio J A Garcez) #29

ST Classic didn’t work for me. There is no option to arm/disarm Smart Monitor based on presence. I looked everywhere. I am using the V3 hub with SmartThings Classic v. 2.17.0.

(jkp) #30

You can use Routines or webCore to set Smart Home Monitor status based on your presence sensor.

here is the goodbye routine as an example. there is a section to set Smart Home Monitor and automatically when everyone leaves.

(Antonio J A Garcez) #31

Thank you for replying, JKP, but unfortunatelly I can’t. Under the routines setup what I have is:

  • Turn on these lights
  • Turn off these lights
  • Activate these scenes
  • Change mode to
    And - Automatically perform “X Routine”

PS: Sorry but I don’t know what is webcore (I am googling it now).

(jkp) #32

(Antonio J A Garcez) #33

I don’t have this “Set Smart Home Monitor to” option.

(jkp) #34

do you have smart home monitor installed in the classic app? does it appear on your dashboard? what region are you in?

(Antonio J A Garcez) #35

Smart Monitor appears to me under Smart Apps tab. When I click on it, I got “Something’s wrong. We can’t load your screen right now” and a “retry button”. I am in Spain using a V3 UK/Euro hub.

Thank you for trying to help.

(jkp) #36

Automation > SmartApps?

(Antonio J A Garcez) #37

Yes. Automation, SmartApps. It is the first one on my list with some gears icon.

(jkp) #38

that is actually the app you installed in the new app - it shows up there. Not the right one to use in Classic.

go to Marketplace > SmartApps > Safety & Security > and open Smart Home Monitor - Security. It will then create everything you need to set it up in the dashboard of the classic app. Then you should see it in your routines.

(Antonio J A Garcez) #39

I tried what you suggested. What I found is: I don’t have any option to add/remove Smart Monitor through Classic App. The only way I can add/remove it is through the new app and these one doesn’t have any presence feature. I guess it it something related to the V3 hub.

(jkp) #40

or not available to your region. I don’t know the answer