Automatically arm smart home monitor

I couldn’t find an answer on this anywhere. When I used the SmartThings Classic app, I could set up routines to automatically arm or disarm my smart home monitor based on my presence sensors. In the Samsung connect app, I thought the same would be accomplished with automations, but if I select location as a condition, I can’t select SHM state as an action. Similarly, if I select SHM state as an action, the only condition available is Time of Day. Surely they don’t expect me to arm and disarm my system on a fixed schedule, right?

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Same exact thing happens to me. I dropped the “classic” app because Samsung told me to, but there are apparently missing features in the new app. Bummer.

Now I have to manually set my Home Monitor’s state, or use a set schedule. Lame… here’s hoping that Samsung fixes this glaring bug soon, or provide a workaround.


Is there any custom apps available in the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) App? Routines are just custom apps…

Is webCoRE available in the new app?

Routines are not custom apps: they are a standard feature of the classic app. you are not uploading your own code.

There is nothing called a “routine” in the new app because they have just been combined with the automations rules engine.

You can use custom smart apps with the new app but only if you first install them through the Classic app. There’s no way to publish them directly to the new app yet.

As of today, there is no way to use custom device type handlers with the new app.

The trigger and target choices are somewhat different in the new rules engine. Some functionality is different. I don’t believe you can at present arm or disarm smart home monitor based on Geo presence, for example. You also cannot both trigger for a mode and change the mode in one automation in the new app that way you could in the classic app.

Well then…I am going back under my rock and waiting this thing out.

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Just noticed scenes from the classic app are now available in the new app’s rules engine. First time I’ve seen them show up in the new app. Still can only change SHM state based on time.

In the screen shot Easter is the only scene created in the new app. Others are from Classic.

I ran into the same problem with the update to the new app, i see this was a couple months ago, have any of you had luck resolving this? I am worried that Samsung intentionally removed this feature to try and push people to the paid home monitoring solutions.

Still can only arm/disarm based on time, but apparently they are remaking the custom automation creator, so maybe it will be fixed when that is released.

That would be good! It was so convenient in the old version of the app

ugh. Finding more and more issues with the new Connect app. This one that you’re talking about, is a major issue for me.

Is there any way we can use another service, say IFTTT, to trigger arms, disarms?
Anyone figure out a way around this limitation?
Any word from Samsung on their intention with the new app.
And the big question, should I move to using the classic app instead?

yes. same login credentials work for that app.

This is stupidest thing ever, the new app is crap, kills the best features (Arm when I leave, disarm when I come back). You can’t change the icons, led preferences on the switches. I’ve reverted to the old app and reconfigured everything. I hope they don’t decide to kill the classic app before the fix the new one.


Remember to email support with requests for the new app so they can prioritize them.

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My personal guess (purely a guess) is that they want to push the “security” aspect of the platform over to the ADT/SmartThings model line, and ADT is adamant that disarm should be manual, probably for liability reasons. They are fine with a system that sends you a reminder to arm or disarm, but they want the person to do that. They are also OK with a system that automatically arms itself at a specific time. But other than that they have been really resistant to automating the disarm on any of their logo systems.

This is very common for security systems. Otherwise, if someone steals your phone, they have instant access to your house. :disappointed_relieved:

There are quite a few systems which allowed for a Geopresence trigger to arm the system, including Brinks. Nest will let you use unlocking the associated Yale lock to also disarm the nest secure system. I don’t think simplisafe allows for any automatic options. The new ring security system requires that you manually use either the key fob or the app.

The only purpose built security system at the low-end that I know of that lets you use Geopresence for both arming and disarming is abode.

So I’m just saying I wouldn’t expect this feature to necessarily come “back” to the new app. Most of the competitors don’t have it, and most of the professionally monitored systems don’t like it. We might get automatic arming, but not if they follow ADT’s practices.


I’m not quite sure what to think. If you’re going to allow automatons for opening a garage, why not allow arming/disarming the security system? I have a couple theories:

  1. They won’t integrate it into the custom automation creator, but instead in the device page à la the new button. (the new button can arm/disarm SHM from rules created on its device page, but not from the custom automation creator). This way they can limit the devices that can auto arm/disarm. I was hoping they would go this route with the new Tracker, but their Twitter support indicated that’s not the case.

  2. There are rumors the custom automation creator is being re-done, hence the hiring of Adrian from WebCoRE. So maybe it will be implemented when that change occurs?

I really hope it will be implemented in some form eventually. I still highly doubt they will allow it for the ADT hub.

There are a fair number of people who treat the garage as a “yellow“ Zone rather than a “red” zone like the interior of the house. They have a very good exterior quality door between the garage in the house and they just don’t consider the garage itself as the same security risk. So for example they might not include the garage in the ADT security zone but have it separately monitored because they get a notification when the garage door is opened.

How are you setting the SHM with the button, I dont see that option when configuring the button presses.

So you have SHM setup in the new app? After it’s setup it should appear as an option

Mine doesn’t show that either. And I have SHM installed and configured in new app.