New SmartThings App and presence

So, got notified that my account was being prepared to move. I jumped, and decided, it was time to reset everything ANYWAYS. :slight_smile:

So, I wiped everything cleaned everything up, reset the hub and started fresh. Got almost everything moved, just ran out of time last night.

One critical piece for me and I haven’t quite figured it out, is how to setup my welcome back and hello routines, so when my wife and I are both gone, the house is set to away. When one of us is there, It is Home. AND THEN notify us during away when a door sensor opens.

Any quick thoughts?



Ok, I think I figured it out… I had to turn on location settings from the dashboard, then from automations create a custom one. Then with the Notify Me automation, put things in there.

Now to get to my wife’s phone and get her setup. :slight_smile:

yikes. You know that the account migration doesn’t require you to use the new app, right?

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Why go through the trouble of this step unless you’re simultaneously migrating to a new hub?

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Well… Because I can. I only have about 20 things connected to my hub and it’s always good for a refresher to set everything up. :slight_smile:

I’ve got everything back but my iris garage door piece.

I’ve found the automations to switch to away when my wife and I are both gone, and when only one of us are back. BUT… It’s not working. I check on our present, and it knows if our mobile phones are there or not, but it is not setting the hub to HOME or AWAY.

So I’m getting close and it’s been fun to redo everything. :slight_smile:

House is set to away but not ARMED!!! Big difference as I have come to find out. With the classic app the security setting was set to Armed when you left and Disarmed when you came home. That does not happen anymore.

If you want Smart Home Monitor to arm and disarm based on presence, you have to use the Classic app.

Really? Well, it looks like the automation for arriving is working right and it set us to Home. But we are both gone and Mode is still set to home. I checked the automation and it is setup correctly.

What your REALLY saying is the New app pretty much sucks. That’s too bad, we both like the look of it. Not quite sure why they decided to go with the samsung app instead of the smart things app… I think I would have just fixed the old app…

It’s slowly improving, but not to parity with the classic app yet. I too like the UI.

Sharing my frustration after migrating myself to the new SmartThings Connect account tied to my Samsung account.

I have added two custom automations, one to set my home to Away (armed) when everyone has left (using phone geofencing), and another to disarm the system when any ‘one’ of us have returned. I have both of these set to notify me upon activation.

I receive notifications, however the modes are failing to change.

I know that others are seeing this, and that it is an issue with the new SmartThings Connect platform, but wanted to add my voice to the din, in the hope that Samsung/SmartThings take notice and correct the issue soon.

Support told me they have no plans to add that feature to SmartThings Connect :frowning:

“Currently, there are no plans to include the option to arm/disarm the Smart Home Monitor based on presence in the new SmartThings App. I apologize for any inconvenience with this. I will be happy to submit a feature request to our engineers so they know of the user demand for this feature in the new app. In the meantime, please use the SmartThings Classic App if you still wish to set up your Smart Home Monitor to arm/disarm based on your presence.”

I got a similar response but Suport told me that this had been requested many times and expected that R&D would add it soon.

Seeing this as a key function (and part of the reason I purchased the system in the first place) I installed SmartThings Classic earlier today. However, the latest version of Classic does not appear to have the ‘Set Smart Home Monitor to…’ for Routines now. Am I missing something?

Many thanks in advance.

Did you setup Smart Home Monitor in the Classic app? It’s separate from the version in the new app.

Many thanks for getting back to me prjct92eh2

I originally set it up on the new app but then installed the classic app and setup SHM again. But when I create or edit a Routine (in the classic app) I don’t have a ‘Set Smart Home Monitor to…’ option. I only see turn on these lights…, turn off these lights…, activate these sceners, change the mode to, automatically perform… and rename.

Thanks again

Are you able to control SHM from the dashboard in classic?

Ah, I had been setting it up in the classic app under SmartApps, and not on the classic app dashboard. Now that I have it on the classic app dashboard, the option has appeared in the Routines! Many thanks.

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I recently moved the the Smartthings (new) app vs the classic.
I did not find any ways to set up SHM as Armed/Disarmed automatically on presence (as I did in the past with the Classic app).
I tried to do it the in the classic app, but when I change the SHM status in the classic app with a routine, the SHM panel in the new Smartthings app doesn’t get updated ???

If I change the status of SHM in one app, it is not reflected in the other !!! This is as if I have 2 different hubs, as far as the apps are concerned… (I do see my things on both and their status are correctly updated on both apps).
Has anyone found a way to use the presence vs SHM with the new app ???
Please let me know.

scroll up in this thread for answers.

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As @prjct92eh2. Mentioned, this has already been asked and answered in the thread above. But the short version is:

One) as of now, you cannot use presence to arm or disarm SHM in the new app

Two) SHM in the classic app and SHM in the new app are two completely different features that just happen to have the same name. :scream: Arming one will not affect the other in any way. They are not synchronized.

If you would like to see this handled differently, tell support.

You might also find the following thread helpful:

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Thanks, Indeed, sorry for not going through the entire thread before…

I spoke to the support and ask them to put a priority on implementing the SHM Status vs presence…
They confirmed that the 2 app are using 2 differents back end cloud and all the feature of the Smartthings cloud are not yet implemented into the Samsung Cloud… Therefore the SHM are 2 differents things not interlinked!

There is no feature parity and they cannot guarantee that there ever will be … Ie we may lose some feature and capability once the Smartthings Cloud is taken offline (not going to happen just yet, time will tell!).
The only way to trigger SHM automatically currently is on a timer (at a given time) nothing else can trigger the change of SHM status!

Also gone the ability to trigger the video recording on a camera when a SHM alarm is triggered… They now leave that to third party app (Arlo for instance).
Arlo Camera are only seen as motion sensors, no sound detection anymore (ie broken glass etc).

Hopefully they will catch up soon.

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