Arlo iOS app does not show SmartThings-generated clips

Problem: Arlo app on iOS does not properly display, in the library, clips generated by SmartThings (“ST”). Instead, the app displays a blank, non-selectable placeholder for each clip. (See attached picture for example of placeholders.)

Troubleshooting information:

  • This problem began sometime after 8-Oct-16 with no changes on my end.
  • The ST-generated clips ARE properly created and ARE listed properly in the library through the Arlo website and the Android app, just not through the iOS app.
  • This problem is not seen with a manual recording, which is properly listed in the iOS app library.
  • When a manual recording is created, the non-selectable placeholders for that day disappear, but all clips (both manual and ST-generated) are still displayed correctly through the Arlo website and the Android app.
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well as rebooted both the ST hub and Arlo base station.
  • This problem occurs in iOS 9 and iOS 10, with both the current version of the app (2.2.0) and the most recent previous version.

This problem occurs across Apple hardware; I have tested it on an iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPad, and another person receiving Arlo support for this identical problem (see link below) has tested it on multiple iPhones and iPads.

Analysis: The problem is limited to the display of SmartThings-generated clips in the iOS app library, across Apple hardware, iOS versions, and iOS app versions. Therefore, something has recently (after 8-Oct-16) changed in how SmartThings-generated clips are encoded or reported on the cloud/server side, and now the iOS app (old and new versions) cannot properly read and display the clip information.

Finally, Arlo support is also working with another user with the identical problem, and his information is in
this link:

I have a support ticket open with both Arlo and SmartThings.

Example of the placeholders that are displayed in the Arlo iOS app in lieu of the ST-generated clips:

I don’t know if this is related, but other people have reported similar problems with other cameras, but it seems to have been caused by the Arlo integration. Which is weird. :scream:

And it’s been reported in the UK as well:

Just received my Pro’s in today and set 2 of them up for the Driveway monitoring. Prior to connecting to SmartThings the clips were properly generating and playing within the Arlo app… Following the connection to SmartThings clips are just showing the placeholder as described in prior posts.

Currently I still can open the Arlo app and connect to the camera to play a live feed, the recording of this feed works without flaw as long as it is within that “closed” circuit.