Arlo says "clip generated" but I can not open/access it?

I’ve waited an hour, and still can’t access these recordings. It did record some earlier in the day and I could find them in the arlo app, but these latest recordings are not available. I think the Arlo app/site was down, I was unable to log on, perhaps that caused the problem? Are they lost in the ether? I don’t have the newer hub, for Arlo Pro, that saves the files on a USB. Perhaps a reason to upgrade my hub?

I have been having this same problem (forever?)…

I have ST contact/motion sensors trigger recording on all 4 of my Arlo wireless cameras. Something triggers SHM alarm, I get push notification on phone and check immediately or sometimes hours later. In SHM majority of the videos say “clip generated” but no preview image, can’t play them. I thought the videos would eventually finish “generating” but they don’t. I see same thing on iOS and Android apps.

My Arlo hub firmware is: Time zone is set correctly (saw another thread with concern about that)

My Arlo wireless camera DH is “Arlo Camera”; the official as far as I know (saw another thread mention some things don’t work with unofficial DH)

The integration is working because some (25%?) recordings do work, and I have seen video (or at least the preview picture) from all 4. I get fair number of false alarms especially recently since I moved and holidays messing with my regular mon-fri routine.

Also some of the clips with preview image won’t play when I click the play button.

Anyone know a fix for this? Kinda of frustrating that if a real break-in ever happens I’m not gonna get hardly any usable video out of these cameras!

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It does say “Clip Player (beta)” so I guess it really never got fully tested, and is still in Beta. I usually have to go to Arlo and open the videos to see them.

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Thanks, I forgot that they do show up in Arlo app. I haven’t verfied that they are all there, but I see a nice collection of false alarms :slight_smile: