Arlo integration

Please integrate Arlo cameras.

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Not on the priorities list for 2015, wait. It’s 2016. @Tyler, any chance getting Arlo on 2016 list?

Yes, there’s certainly a chance that we’ll integrate Arlo in 2016. I can’t comment more at this time.


I take ‘certainly’. Sounds more plausible than ‘few weeks’…muahhaahh!

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Please please get Arlo integrated, it’s kind of fundamental for a home security situation.

It would be great to automatically arm my Arlo’s whenever I leave the house, surely it can’t be that hard, we put a man on the moon.

The moon landing program cost $25.4 billion in 1973 dollars or roughly $170 billion in 2005 dollars, according to Wikipedia. So, yeah…

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Arlo integration has been done! I knew if we can put a man on the moon it must be humanly possible to create an Smartthings app for it.
Look here…

Now my Arlo’s get armed when Smartthings goes into Away mode.
Big kudos to program maker.


Tyler, Do you have an ETA on this yet?

Hey Dave,

No, I’m sorry! I can’t comment on the ongoing development of our Arlo integration.


See, in particular, this…
“NetGear Arlo: Netgear’s booth will feature Arlo, one of the top home monitoring cameras on the market today, and live demos of an app coming soon that enables the Smart Home Monitor to trigger clip recording by any SmartThings sensor — then view those clips in the Smart Home Monitor.”


One thing that ST taught me well over the years, is believe it when you see it. Same goes for reliability, integrations, support. You name it, they disappointed. So unless I see Arlo as an option to connect it, I can no longer ‘get inspired’.


Oh, don’t get me started, proud sponsor Fibaro, a key SmartThings partner that is not even allowed to run locally. What a joke!

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Yeah I wouldn’t count on anything. Ring has been out for over a year and I don’t see them doing an integration anytime soon. Arlo has been asked for since last year when they said that they were going to integrate it but a year later nothing. @Tyler why does Samsung make all these big promises yet don’t deliver and are so far behind simple items like Wink and Nest.

Saying SmartThings is behind Wink and Nest when it comes to device compatibility is a bit of a stretch.

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This is great news !! It’s that mean soon we are able to trigger arlo recording by multi sensor (door/window) open and close?

Yes, yes, and much more! And the best part, the release is imminent…Just waiting for @Tyler to push the button :smile:

Happy days