Status of Arlo Pro/SmartThings integration problems?

I’m fairly new here but I joined up because I wanted to integrate my Arlo Pro outside cameras with interior controls from Samsung. As reported, the SmartThings/Arlo Pro integration is flawed with several issues (SmartThings mode reverts back to default if edited, audio trigger/notifications are almost spam like, etc).

Do we know if Samsung/Netgear is working on improving their interface? I’ve looked at the Developer documentation (I don’t know Groovy but this old developer could probably learn it) but I don’t want to start if the integration parameters are flawed to begin with.

Anyone know???

Crickets? Ah well, I tried…

I’m with you man. It’s incredibly frustrating. The problem is no one has a clue if either side is working on fixing it. I’ve had good luck just keeping my mode on armed and using ST to turn cameras off and on.

I don’t think there is anything we can do ourselves to fix it either honestly. I could be wrong though. I think for most of us the work arounds are reasonably effective so we’ve just kind of learned to deal with it. Plus this is ST so we’re used to things only half ass working. :wink:

I was just about to post my frustrations in a new topic before I stumbled on this one. Arlo + SmartThings (+ Alexa) just plain sucks!

I purchased my Arlo system based on the fact that it is supposed to integrate with SmartThings. Here are my observations:

  1. SmartThings takes complete control of the Arlo system - I would like to use features from both systems when I want to. i.e. video recording to Arlo cloud instead of SmartThings.

  2. No way of disabling Audio trigger or Motion trigger. I have tried clicking the cross in the device settings, have tried setting the value to 0 - Nothing works

  3. Cannot have Arlo as a switch device when activating modes with Alexa (receive a message stating “Routine Not Activated Because It Contains Locking Or Security Devices Unsupported By Alexa”)

  4. 75 percent of the time when opening the RTSP stream, I get a timeout error

  5. No control of Arlo modes from native app

  6. Icons within device dashboard take way too long to display

  7. When renaming devices on Arlo app, this completely breaks the device in SmartThings. There was no way to re-syncronise settings from SmartThings to Arlo. In the end, I had to log in to the IDE, re-link the old device names back to my hub, and then manually delete them.

As I now have many devices that link with SmartThings and Alexa, I should have expected this sort of shoddy work in device integration. For each of my other devices (Hue, SoundTouch, Aeon), I have resorted to using community alternatives. Short answer is, as a home automation platform, with out of the box usability, SmartThings is extremely poor!

For now, I have taken to removing my Arlo devices from SmartThings and manually activating the Arlo modes in the Arlo app.

Sort it out SmartThings!!

so one minor addendum I have noticed, the workaround is to have whatever mode you have your arlo app in. make sure the camera is simply set to email and enter a dummy email address - it will still look for motion but will not notify you in any other way and will trigger (for example) webcore for motion - without having to set the mode to ST - but the key is the mode you do have must have that camera set up to detect motion for ST to catch it.

another addendum is I would take a peek at the stringify app - they have ST, Arlo and IFTTT integration (among many others) and allow for some creative setups as well

Any update to Arlo and smartthings intergration?