Samsung Developer Conference 2016

Arlo on the works with SmartThings slide?

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What’s wrong with this picture? Hmmmm…I see Arlo & Rachio

@tgauchat nice to see SmartTiles mentioned :slight_smile:


3.2M apps…, right…
Number of actual functionally distinct apps is probably < 1000, average byte count difference between distinct apps?, probably less than < 20 (name space change only)…

So to be a ST developer,apparently you just need to know what your name is right?


I’m guessing they mean installed app instances. Not quite as misleading as the 30,000 developers number.

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To be fair you are required to sign up with a developer account to use code in the IDE. So basically if you know how to copy and paste you are a developer :smiley:

@625alex & @tgauchat …Nice screenshot on @alex’s presentation…

  1. No official Arlo integration
  2. TCP integration sucks

Is the ADT monitoring even available yet? Last I setup SHM, it only showed Scout.

Absolutely, check this thread for the latest on Arlo integration…

My point exactly

I think those logins are now integrated, or are soon to be. I think requesting a dev account is a thing of the past, or soon to be anyway…

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Yea not quite yet, had to help someone yesterday to enable it because they did not see device handlers in the IDE until it was granted.

They forgot to subtract bruce, it’s actually 29,999 developers now.

That probably isn’t as easy to communicate. “Twenty Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Developers!!”

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Thanks! @625alex and I are very excited! Let the fin begin…


Has anything exciting been announced or shown or changes explained - at CES we had a running commentry on here // at this event weve heard nothing yet . . . Exciteeeee me, someone please :slight_smile:


###“Developing A Web Services SmartApp”

Let’s see, can I tag everyone?

(Right to Left)…


It’s a developers show talking about building stuff, not a consumer show talking about things that will never materialize.

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So so sorry, Kyle! :pensive:… You missed the highlight demo of the day; The sneak peek of SmartTiles V6 that got a wonderful positive reception!

(Oh… NB: We only showed it to @Alex, Robert Parker, @ekenheim and @jody.albritton, … And they are sworn to secrecy for now! :wink: :smile:)

The demo gods were extremely kind to @625alex, though. I’m blown away with what he built in time for today!


It looks like the SONOS icon is missing from the works with advertising…

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Just seeing this now @SBDOBRESCU. Thanks so much for the well wishes. Had lots of good stuff happen at SDC. I’ll be sharing with the community later this week.