Netgear Arlo

i’ve read somewhere that this are the cameras that will be officially supported, i think it was @Ben who said it, my question is, will this cameras require the netgear “hub” or will work without it and just using the smartthings hub?

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I don’t know this at this point. More will be coming out about cameras. @Gilbert is a good man to let us all know :slight_smile:

Any update or news on this?

This device is not on our roadmap for this year.

Well that sucks. Pulled the trigger on a set thinking it would be supported relatively soon.
(From another post that made it seem like there was some kind of active development on support)

I’m getting ready to add 4 of these cameras to our house. I’m returning my Nest Cam due to the downgrade from the Dropcam Pro… I’m severely disappointed with Nest at the moment. Anyway, I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those that would love to see the Netgear Arlo integrated into Smartthings.

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I’ve had the Netgear Arlo since March and yes, I would like it integrated into ST.

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I’ve been looking at the Arlo as well, but it looks like no api or any other way to access currently outside of their ecosystem

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The arlo camera’s have been great. Fantastic quality but I definitely would like to integrate it. By far, I wish it knew when I was home so that it would stop recording and alerting me. The app itself is not very user friendly.

What kind of battery life is the Arlo actually giving those of you that have them?

I’ve got seven around the house - mainly outside. They are great. I’ve had over a month and am 93+ left on battery. Its a great outdoor wireless option. I would love to see ST support!

Thanks @Random! They look like a great option.

I have a couple of friends who had the Arlos and returned them because they were only getting battery life of 2 to 3 weeks. Judging from the Amazon reviews that’s true for quite a few people. It may just depend on how many times they get activated, though. One of my friends works mostly from home and was using it like a video doorbell so it was going on and off a lot.

That may be true but that hasn’t been the case for the Arlo(s) we have. Maybe its the way the recordings, video quality or motion. Easily have been installed for 4 weeks now and its used about 10% of the one battery. The other video cam has 100% left.

They estimate that the camera’s last 4 to 6 months… which seem to be the case.

Most of all - the no wires is a must have for most people.

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You can control the quality and length of time of the recordings. So your settings will impact battery life. The big appeal for me was no wires and outside capability. I live in an adobe house with VERY thick walls that really limits my WiFi. I was worried about getting a signal with Arlo and am impressed at the range. I’ve got 4 dogs triggering most of my cameras as many as 40 times per day. My busiest camera is set to record for 15 seconds at medium quality. If someone is only getting two weeks, it has to be bad batteries, too long of a record at a high quality resolution. With seven cameras, you would think I would have that problem with at least one of them if it were as chronic as the amazon reviews make it seem. I had read them as well before I purchased. I started with just one camera, just as a test because of battery and range concerns.


I have four Arlo cameras and they work very well for what they are. After two months mine still show 3 out 3 bars for battery life. You can set up schedules for when they record and easily switch modes with the app, although some form of geofencing in the Arlo app would be much better, and I’m surprised they don’t have it. I’d also like to see them integrated into ST at some point.

Any chance you’ve seen any good documentation on setting up the schedules and what not? The documentation is not really that greatest.

I set mine up through the web interface, but it can be done through the app. I created some additional rules, such Record Outside Front Door at Night and Record Outside Front Door During Day, and set different recording times, longer at night.

Then using the Schedule and Modes I set it to use just the outside cameras during the day and evening while I am home, but to use all cameras after 1:00 am with longer recording times. You can easily switch Mode if you leave the house, but geofencing would make this much more usable and be a good supplement to using just the Schedule.

For the most part I don’t get many recordings on the indoor cameras, unless I come in late. During the day the front door outside camera picks up UPS/Fedex/etc and me leaving/arriving, but I can deal with that.

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I love my Arlo’s… I have 8 right now.
Had to replace the batteries for 1 of the cameras, the one in the front door, that has a lot of activity.
It lasted for 4.5 months with a really heavy use.

The only thing I miss to have my whole home automation to be perfect is a integration between Arlo and SmartThings. Nothing too deep, just the modes and movement sensors.

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Hey Samsung, here’s a good replacement for Dropcam/Nest Cam!