Netgear Arlo HD Cameras Integration

Hi. I have a Netgear Arlo HD Indoor/Outdoor wireless camera kit (2x) and I want to integrate it into the Smarthings Hub v2 and the rest of my home automation. It seems that 2015 was a big year for supporting this, but to no resolution.

Is there any indication that the Arlo (with or without the Netgear hub) cameras will be supported? If not, is there a custom device type for the Arlo cameras? I have looked everywhere and cannot find anything except others like me asking the same question.

Thank you!

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The problem is Netgear has not provided an open API, so there isn’t a way for a user to create a full integration. There has been some talk that official integration may come this year, but nothing firm.

One user was at least able to reverse engineer changing Arlo’s modes, but that could break at any time since you aren’t using an actual API, but mimicking how their site currently works

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Thank you @kevintierney I appreciate your help very much. I wasn’t aware that the API was private. I’ll start lobbying Netgear before I return this kit.

Thanks again!