Android 2.0.8 - Release Notes - 1/26/2016

SmartThings Android 2.0.8 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Notable improvements are detailed below.

Feature Improvements:

  • Added text labels to menu icons at bottom of screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed, rearranging/reordering devices in Rooms
  • Bulb Color Changes are now refreshing on device details
  • Custom image picker now available on locations

The labels at the bottom are nice, good job!

Also, the app is running faster for me when switching between modules. Keep up the good work!


Yay! I can finally stop using v1.7.6 of the app on my tablet as a workaround.



Un-yay! Just as with the iOS release, the following bug has been introduced: (ticket request #184152)

ValueTiles used to allow for 2 lines in 2.0.7 now it doesn’t when it’s the first tile in a row (and it’s messed up the UI). It use to be left justified, not centered…

Perhaps, just perhaps, a few of us in the community can be asked to help test? Just a thought…


I noticed the new android app requests permission to use the microphone. But the release notes don’t say why.


I wish I could say “Don’t do it!”…

More UI badness:

Help @slagle!!!


The listed improvements are ALL fixes of things broken in previous releases. Nothing new and this took so long to release. Sorry, not impressed.

I don’t understand the improvement “Added text labels to menu icons at bottom of screen”
2.0.7 already had labels

Feature Improvements:

  • Updated the slider for lighting controls
    - Add text labels to menu icons at bottom of screen

I suspect the improvements list is not complete, what does it use the microphone for ? Maybe they want to start listening to us as we curse the app out for failing. :wink:

I am happy that room edit works again :+1:


Yea, the text labels confused me too, i see no difference.
I do see room sorting, and I don’t see red banners any longer, that’s enough for me.

update, spoke too soon…
Samsung Galaxy tab 2, My Home pagination is completely broken, as in there is no scrolling, and you only get one pages worth of anything…


I was hoping for lock status in the Smart Home Monitor. I want that bad. It took weeks for this release, I wanted more. As always fixed some. broke some. I want some improvements in Smart Home Monitor.

Red Banners gone…

Reordering finally works!!!

But to SHM fixes? SHM has no local processing still, When a Smoke Alarm is tested in V1 it triggers lights and locks to simulate, V2 still does not. Also, when an alarm is trigger in V1 and all lights/locks do as told, they all return to original state, V2 just leaves every thing on?

Baby steps for the first update in a long stretch…

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Are you sure. I thought the same thing. When I switch to “My Home” tab I get one page and it will not scroll so many of my rooms are missing. But if I wait (just keep trying to scroll) they eventually show up.

I think they tried for a performance improvement of showing first page as soon as you can but it make you think it is broken.

There are definitely changes that are not listed in the modifications.
New Tab in “My Home” “Family”, I don’t remember that in 2.0.7

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family was there in 2.0.7, ok, if you twiddle the scrolling it eventually gets going…


The new permission is for an upcoming voice integration.


I was hoping for a fix to the “Sorry but there was an unexpected error” issue.

OH goodie another “feature promise”, I will not hold my breath :no_mouth:

Who said anything about a promised feature? You guys asked what the permission was for and I responded.


OK but the app is asking for permissions for a feature that doesn’t exist ?
The word “upcoming” seemed like a promise to me. Sorry but there are so many bugs in this app and the server why would code have been added for a voice integration feature that isn’t live.

Sorry to have jumped on your good intentions of telling us what this is for but I am becoming very frustrated with this platform.

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That’ll teach you! 20 chars

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Exactly, and I don’t view it as an “improvement” either, since it needlessly takes away valuable screen real estate on a mobile device. What was wrong with the 2.0.6 way of long-pressing the icon to have a toast message appear with the icon label?

And speaking of wasted screen real estate, I still can’t believe they haven’t fixed the “spyglass image” not scrolling up as it does with iOS. I’ve been complaining about that since the original 2.0 release in Q3 of last year! @liztupper, @slagle, @jody.albritton: Can you get this to the attention of the proper people? The solution is even posted below!

I think the plan is to fix it by breaking it in the next update of the iOS app, thus returning equity between the iOS and Android versions. :smirk:

P.S. My phone is rooted, so I saved a backup copy of the 2.0.7 apk. PM me if anyone wants to sideload it and revert back. Personally, I’d rather continue putting up with the “Unexpected error” banners than deal with all the new brokenness.

Concur… (+20 Characters)…

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