Android 2.0.8 - Release Notes - 1/26/2016

So the feature is not yet available, but you’re already asking for a permission. Why?


Showing some bad formatting here as well with the new app. The first one is from the Sonos device. You can see that Stopped had the “d” on the next line.

Then there is the weather “Thing” where the word Clear has the “r” on the next line.

But the one that really baffles me is the one for a custom thermostat Device Handler that I am working on. I am using just a standard “st.” icon and the wording on the icon itself is wrapping (now it says “ho me” :wink: ). I do not have any labels in that tile. Add to that the shifting of the numbers in the value tile right beside it. I had inserted a space before the value so that it would scale down slightly and not fill the circle 100%. So, based on these last two, what they removed was the ability for whatever font is being chosen to “scale” properly in the tiles. If you use a 1x1 tile you will never be able to get the values to look right. And if you do, when they fix it - it will be off again.


Same issue here.

scrolling around seems to fix it.

What are you talking about? This is a beta test. :smile:


Silly me, how could I have forgotten…

I can validate that:

Yep, anything within any Dashboard (for those who still have it). The “Right Now” tab only shows 1 page of devices - which is not good when you have 10 or more devices…


I agree, but my experience even at my current job is the new wave of developers think that under the Agile development strategy it is perfectly reasonable to deploy unused code (therefor untested in my opinion) into the production stream. Single Stream code, whatever is in the source control goes out the door. I personally hate this approach and look forward to when everyone realizes it isn’t working and the pendulum swings back to normal unit test, integration test, production branching strategies.

No just keep trying to scroll, it eventually shows up. Not sure what is going on there.


The red banners actually stopped for me with the node updates the other day.

Still nothing… At least I can see 10 out of my 75 switches… :disappointed:

Ugh, where are the fixes for multiAttributeTiles??? Especially the Thermostat tile. They obviously made changes based on screenshots but seems like things are still broken.

Will ask some of my users to try the thermostat tile on the new release to see if it works or not for changing the temp.


I have 31 Things and can see all of them from AC to Wine Cooler.
When you say “Dashboard” what do you mean ? I am talking about the “My Home->Things” tab. It has scrolling issue also. My Dashboard is mostly empty since they broke that 98% with V2 of the app.

Yea, almost all of my devices have junky looking tiles now. Here is another example

These good old favorites and most useful ones ST decided to remove soon after releasing hub/app “v2.0.disaster” :


Go to Settings, Apps, Smarthins, and clear cache. I always do that with SmartThings mobile app updates because they don’t follow the developer best practices. I’m not finding problems with this update FWIW.

Been there, done that… That’s always step 1.

I slowly lost most of my dashboard. Trying to debug issue I would remove a device and re-add it and the dashboard entry would be GONE !

I do have font formatting issues though.

Nope tiles still look junky…another example


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How about some optimism and positive points?

  • Red bar of death hasn’t happened yet, yet…
  • I can at least scroll through the Shortcuts within Lights & Switches