Android 2.1.0 - Release Notes - Commentary

Just checked the App Store… no update yet. Was the post and blog entry premature?

It can take a few hours to get out. Hang in there :wink:


I wonder if this fixes all the crazy tile issues with 2.0.8 I had to revery to 2.0.7 because 2.0.8 was terrible. Troubling that this is isn’t listed as a 2.1.0 improvement. I plan to wait a bit before installing this one.

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Is there a specific issue you were having with the tiles, I can look in the bug tracker to see if it’s tracked and fixed in this build.

Just check the 2.0.8 release notes and search for the word “tile”!

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@kleneau The 2.0.8 thread has many details of the issues.

But here is a screen post I made which includes a screen shot of my particular issue.

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Colonoscopy view is gone. :sweat_smile:


whats with the vacuum cleaner sub-icon on the st presence sensors?, and why isn’t that silly thing on all other presence devices?

I’m still getting error loading smart apps, 90% of the time…

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Vacuum cleaner… :laughing:

Those are the icons for Away/Present. I think it’s a person waving goodbye for “Away”.


the one on the left looks like a support bracket for a pipe…, seriously who has a head that small???

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Yay for the colonoscopy view going away.

SmartApps come up OK for me almost always. It’s only errored out a couple times.

@kleneau, the issue in 2.0.8 cut off any lines of text for secondary_control past the first line. There are many discussions about it. Here’s my support ticket on the problem: Request #184152

Now, v2.1.0 has totally hosed all messages that use to be there. They are now gone. I believe someone else (@ahndee) posted the same issue for the iOS release.

Also, here’s what the SmartPower Outlet looks like with the micro text for wattage:

I’m glad Android has had a release. When are you going to fix the Windows Mobile app?

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Indeed it does. It also looks like someone trying to surrender, “I give up! Delete me!”

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I was already having this issue with 2.0.8 to the point where I only used iOS when I needed to go to smart apps view

Apparently I keep my wife chained up in the house. According to ST she hasn’t left the house since 2/23.


Ah finally a color picker I don’t have to fight with to get a non-washed out color! lol Good job with the redesign, some of the lag in the app is gone but some of it remains. Like scrolling through list of smartapps and things. Nice to be able to get to certain areas quicker as well. Would love for you guys to release widgets for things and an android wear app. Oh and Google Now integration would be superb!

Replying to my own post @kleneau @Tyler. Check this out, it’s really there, but in James Bond microdot spy mode:

Look really close inside the red circle!

Overall, it seems like an improvement (and it’s been a long time since I could say that about an app update!). The intermittent stalling scroll on the Things view that was introduced in 2.0.8 is (apparently) fixed, and the space wasting “spyglass” image is gone. But,some new issues. See the before and after views of my Nest thermostat, below.

The Nest presence mode (“present” or “away”) is now replaced with… I don’t know what! It appears to be the expanded ST presence state shown in the new Family view, except it’s wrong - the screen capture on the right was taken when ST showed as Home, and the Nest app shows as Home/present. This is completely wrong!!

Another issue (though minor by comparison) is in the new Family view (see screenshot, below). Phones (top row) properly show the assigned name and the new expanded info. Ditto for the virtual presence sensor (partially truncated in bottom row). But the SmartThings arrival sensor and Nest Thermostat (L & R respectively in second row) show nothing (and the arrtival sensor is even using the official ST device handler)!

Minor nit-picks:

  1. I don’t like that my most-used area of the app (installed SmartApps) is now buried an extra tap away in the hamburger menu (but I guess you had to do that because people with small phones were complaining about having to scroll horizontally?).
  2. I do like the new slide-out menu, but Android Material Design standard dictates that it slide out from the left, not the right as you have implemented it.
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I guess they were holding the manual upside down when they read it :smiling_imp: