Android 2.4.0 - Release Notes

We’ve been hard at work making the SmartThings app better for you. Here’s what’s new:

  • Brand new dashboard experience. The home screen of the app has been redesigned to help you more easily monitor and control your home.
  • Favorites. Select your favorite Things and Routines and they’ll appear on your dashboard. You can edit to rearrange the ordering.
  • Wallpaper. Customize your dashboard with a unique image that reflects your home’s style.
  • Tablet support. You asked, we listened. Support for Tablet is here!
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements.

Here is a glimpse of some of bugs we fixed in this release:

  • Incorporate new changes to Range to allow non-integer values (MOB-2938)
  • Fix camera crash on pre-Lollipop devices (MOB-2930)
  • Ensure devices correctly update connectivity state when foregrounding (MOB-2924)
  • Maintain dashboard edit mode on rotation (MOB-2896)
  • Fix Routine tiles becoming locked in temporary execution states (MOB-2771)
  • Updated tablet column counts for My Home and Automation (MOB-1730, MOB-1731, MOB-1732, MOB-1733, MOB-1734)
  • SliderTileDataBinder crash with broken tile (MOB-2729)
  • Set point is not always displayed in Thermostat Multi-Attribute Tile (MOB-2839)

Great work! The new dashboard rocks…


You got a screenshot while I wait for google play servers to update :disappointed:


Sure, how about a very long one…

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Nice screenshot!

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Galaxy S8 also rocks :smile:

Landscape looks great on my Pixel C. Doesn’t work on my MediaPad M3 which isn’t a surprise since it uses the phone version of Android instead of the tablet version.

Looks like this update finally fixed the Android Tiny Icon glitch and the valueTile not performing action glitch. Those 2 fixes alone make this awesome for me. Those and landscape tablet viewing too :wink:
Happy camper here!!!

Took the plunge :slight_smile:

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So thankful for air conditioning.

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Finally, Love It! I already have some requests though :grinning:
-let us move ‘home solutions’ to top so it doesn’t scroll of bottom when I add more than 4 fav’s
-optionally(?) let us have 3 columns of favorites (only 2 show using on my S7 edge mobile)
-while I like the wallpaper option, can’t really see much if it and there are only 6 to choose from… let us pick a local image maybe?


Deleted - wrong thread.

Thanks for the feedback and the love!

For sure, we have been talking about how to expand the dashboard to offer more stuff and more control.

I will relay this to design and product. Like the above this is something we want to expand on with larger phones.[quote=“kevin, post:12, topic:89224”]
-while I like the wallpaper option, can’t really see much if it and there are only 6 to choose from… let us pick a local image maybe?

Another good suggestion. I will relay this to product and design. We went simple to start but I think custom local images is something we could support pretty easily.


In addition to Kevin’s requests it would be nice if we had the ability to rename the Favorites versus having to change it in Things.

Really outstanding!

Nice - I really like the favorites.

Oh dear.
My Everspring Temp and Humidity sensor doesn’t show battery or humidity anymore.

EDIT. I’ve altered the code. Now OK.

THANK YOU for the new dashboard. I have a Samsung powerbot and in the previous version the SHM buttons were hidden, but now they are there when I first go in. I can’t wait to explore the new features.

Very nice, definitely a step in the right direction :sunglasses: as already mentioned, would love to rename favourites :unamused:

I haven’t installed this as yet, but where did “Leaks” and “Smoke” go? They were part of Smart Home Monitor.