Android 2.0 Discussion

The wait is over! The new SmartThings app is now live. If you already have the SmartThings app, you’ll automatically receive an upgrade over the next hour or two. Your existing setup will continue to work as expected. There are some changes in the navigation, but it should be pretty straightforward. If have any confusion, this support article will help you find what you’re looking for, and of course we’re always available at

If you have not downloaded SmartThings, this is a great time to check it out. The new app has an intuitive design and lots of great new features, including enhanced rooms and device views, and a rich new solution called Smart Home Monitor.

Let us know what you think!

Resources on the new mobile app experience:

…if you have Google Play set up to automatically run updates?!

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right. I believe the average android consumer generally has their automatic updates, however- I know better that some of you don’t. :wink: Thus this heads up!

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Will we get this update in Canada today too ?

Just trying to save a ticket for your Cust Support :slight_smile: Thanks for your quick response. Are you guys planning on getting any rest tonight?

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Totally! I’m pooped. I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to join you guys back in regular hours.




Rename to solutions and move to the end of the tab bar. Make the Home tab the primary.


Please shrink the header on the home tab, It’s taking up way to much space for the amount of information provided. There is a weird spyglass thing going on too.


What to do with things that don’t really fit into rooms? Folders. Allow grouping like in the old app, but in the things view and place the folders at the top of the list. Now you have rooms and things. Logical collections of things that don’t go into rooms, makes sense to me.


Make rooms first class objects. This will allow new paradigms. How hot or cold is a room? Does a room have motion? Etc. All this from just dropping a thing into a room. The room is the parent of the objects contained within. Smartapps should be able to query it as such. And maybe change it from Rooms to Areas to allow things like yard or garage.


Hey @jodyalbritton

Really like the Rooms suggestion. Will pass all of these on to our engineers! :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking for 10 minutes and can’t find a way to switch the house mode.

I guess I should go read the docs, but I shouldn’t have to. :smile:

Otherwise it’s pretty cool. Seems a bit horizontal and would be a pain if I had a lot of different things, but I suppose it’s progress.

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Mode changes happen on the routines tab now. You have to set a routine to change to the mode you want, then just tap that routine.

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First impression. LOVE IT! Great job. Breath of fresh air and my set up falls through beautifully. When will we see new widgets?

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You can also changes modes with a SmartApp, so maybe make a few virtual switches to do this. (Helps with Alexa integration) :wink:


I just downloaded the app but don’t have my hub yet, is there anyway to ‘bypass’ having to enter in the ‘Welcome Code’ so I can explore the app while I wait?

Nice works guys. Submitting a support ticket already unfortunately. Editing a room to move devices around (sorting order) crashes the new 2.0 app.


Unfortunately there’s no way to bypass this screen. We want you to have the best experience, which requires a hub. :slight_smile:

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I’ve only used the app for a few minutes so far, and things look nice. However I have one complaint, did you guys test dimmers? Because whenever I try to move a dimmer, it also changes pages, so it means I can only dim in very small increments without the app changing pages. I know you can just press exactly where you want a dimmer, and that’s great, but sliding should also be allowed.

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Anybody else’s Dashboard blank?

Well quit your posting on the forum and get wrapping the bow around my hub for shipping! :smiley:

(READ: okay, I’ll just wait :slight_smile: )

Another issue I’m having, I have an extra wall switch, that is some sort of phantom switch, that I cannot remove. I go through the uninstall, but even force excluding it, doesn’t actually delete it… Grrr.

I think I hate that though but maybe it will grow on me :slight_smile: