Sorry, but there was an unexpected error

I can’t even log into the app, says connection error

Still having the problem here.

The Android app is almost unusable for me still. Can’t add Smart Alarm. Also, various automations in Rule Machine are breaking and losing settings. This is on top of the ‘normal’ stuff like Routines not firing, Smart Lighting not triggering, ST Zigbee devices becoming totally unresponsive, and regular app crashes.

Looks like I found a solution. So far I get no issues or error message.

I updated my Nexus 5 to Android 6.0.1 and completely wipe my phone, it also looks like it fixed the presence sensor problem.

Ironically Marshmallow broke the mobile presence ‘sensor’ for some people so it’s interesting that it’s the opposite for you!

I was on version 6…I update to 6.0.1 with a fresh install.

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So I’m sure I might be in the minority here. However does anyone else have an issue with the latest Android App with scrolling? I have to have my font on my phone set to a larger font through the accessibility settings so that I can read the text lol. Why do I think this is the issue? Because my wifes phone does not suffer from the issue that I’m about to describe.

When opening the app and going to devices whether it be rooms, things or smart apps (I left family out because there is no need for me to scroll on that screen since we don’t have enough in there)

Ok so you go to one of those tabs then you scroll and it doesn’t scroll. I counted it last night I attempted to scroll down on the rooms tab 20 times before the app finally let me scroll.

ST Devs I’ll probably be opening a ticket with you for this but just in case if you’re watching this thread which I know that @slagle is in here. @slagle feel free to PM me or whatever if there are some repro steps or a log cat that you’d like me to grab. In the mean time my font size is set to Very large under phone settings > accessibility > vision

Thanks for your help with this.

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@TheFuzz4 Yes, many of us are seeing that issue on the release notes thread it has been mentioned. I have two hubs and when I switch between them I find the background photo for the location changes immediately but the list of Rooms, Things, Apps takes about 20 seconds to switch, and as you say the scrolling doesn’t work at first you have to wait. I don’t understand how this stuff gets out the door without testing. I am amazed at how quickly we all find issues with EVERY release but somehow the entire ST development/QA team manages to miss this stuff.


In all seriousness, as @geko points out…

That’s because we are “the QA team”.


This can’t “seriously” be their strategy. The average customer not on this community is going to just return the hub thinking it doesn’t work. The rest of us are not that smart :smile:

I honestly don’t understand how the developers don’t notice this stuff while they develop. If it really their strategy to use customers as first level QA then this product is doomed. :japanese_ogre:

The theory is that, indeed, Samsung is just using SmartThings as an R&D laboratory, we’re the guinea pigs :rat: , and, yes … the “laboratory” is doomed … eventually.

@Geko can elaborate.

Thank you @ron and everyone else, my apologies for the double post report of the issue. Glad to know though that its being looked into. Still can’t pay me to go back to wink :slight_smile:

Installed the latest release of the Android App, 2.0.7, and the unexpected errors have disappeared. I hope this continues. Good Job

Make that 2.0.8 -----

Having this issue right now on WinPhone. Can’t add any things. Just get the error message.

In my case, just logging out & in again to the app helped solve this problem. Hope this helps some of you

And… Zing!!!

I have the same exact issue. Here’s what I have tried.

  1. Log out of the app and log back in.
  2. Shut the app down and launch it again
  3. Restart my iPhone
  4. Turned off my iPhone
  5. Remove the app and re-download again

None of these steps work. Any suggestion?

I could use this also

in every case that I have had this error, I only waited, and it cleared up either a few minutes, hours, or a day later.

I have been assuming this is a cloud-driven problem, that will not respond to any actions I might do to my phone-app or phone.