2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.35.04

We will begin rolling out Samsung SmartThings Hub firmware version 0.35.04 starting Tuesday, February 16th. Once downloaded, your Hub will briefly go offline as it reboots and applies the update; most customers will experience less than one minute of downtime. We will update the status page when the release is complete.

Hub Target:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2015 (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (Hub v3)

Release Date: 16 February 2021 ~ 19 February 2021

Note that this release may be spread out over a few days, so you may not see your Hub update the first day of the release period.

Release Notes:


Zigbee Enhancements

  • Firmware update support for ABL Ultra-Thin Wafer

Bug Fixes

  • Improve average boot time
  • Z-Wave networks not updating correctly after performing a network repair or adding/removing a device
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Does the public release not contain the local automations that the beta release of the same version contains?!


I think that is mobile app related from where they moved scene and automation creation to be direct to the Rules API. Certainly big bugs from that latest app update, but isn’t really hub firmware related.


Already finished the enthusiasm of proclamation?

scenes have not been available through IDE since late November / early December… since then everyone gets that error message in IDE.

Fair enough, handn’t checked recently, only checked today due to not having any access via the app etc

Agree - I was seeing similar problems before 35.x IMHO - I agree, that’s an App problem - not firmware.

@blake.arnold - this is that big block diagram I was talking about. We need to know where things live.

Hi @nathancu How did you go about fixing, I have tried the regular delete app and install also restart the hub.

Mine’s not nearly as bad as yours - It’s still an open ticket. Worse with iOS than Android from what I understand. I’m on Android and mostly functional but still missing about 6 scenes. There are others with issues that range from Missing Scenes to what you’re seeing. I’d STRONGLY recommend opening a ticket ad getting it escalated. It needs a hotfix ASAP.

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Thanks @nathancu,

I have raised a ticket via CentreCode and via the app, so hopefully they will get back soon.

I can’t do anything with automations or scenes part from changing the location mode.
So I am fighting my way through with the Rules API and postman at the minute

Make sure youbalso open a ticket with support@SmartThings.com

Centercode is good but the minute they determine its not firmware its going to be closed.

Where/When is the following releasing:

  • Local Execution of Rules : Compatible Rules that are created or updated after the feature is enabled will execute locally on the Hub.

Does this mean we’ll be able to run automations locally without having to be connected to the internet. Game changer

That’s correct. “Compatible” is the key here as it’s only limited functionality right now. The plan is to continue pushing more and more functionality local. As long as you have a capable hub, the automations will run without needing an active internet connection.


Your quick response is much appreciated. How would one go about checking the compatibility of the local limited functionalities available right now? I am currently using the Smartthings Hub so I am positive that is capable, but my question is are local automations available right now with the public release and if so which ones. I’m looking to run some local automations with my Smartthings 2018 plug to turn it on and off.

Looking forward to your response. Thanks!

The firmware will roll out to the public starting tomorrow. Otherwise, if you have SmartLighting in your region, any automations created within smartlighting using all locally executed devices will run locally. You can verify this in IDE in the smartapps section.

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Check the device you want to use in your automation in the IDE: https://account.smartthings.com - look under My devices…

For a device to qualify to work locally, it must list LOCAL under execution location on the column second from the far right. A device qualifies for local execution if it uses a Samsung Provided default device handler AND that device handler is marked for local execution AND it’s actually loaded on your hub.

Right now local actions are limited to basic device controls and automations can’t contain scenes, location mode changes nor sunrise/sunset events. More is coming though.

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In still confused at to whether local automations are in the public release or not. Or is this going the z-wave OTA route where it was beta tested but won’t roll out in public until some time later.

Me too. Haven’t seen them yet as I’m still awaiting beta approval (or not) and I suspect nothing of mine will be local anyway.

To me, if you beta 35.4 and then take something substantial out of it, that should be beta 35.4-and-a-bit or beta 35.5 just to make sure. It doesn’t seem to work like that though.

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I seem to have lost the ability to create local automations now.
Due to my earlier issues I reset my hub and started fresh, however now none of my automations show the “L” next to them like before the reset.

I’m wondering if the reset has pushed me onto the production 35.4 or if I’m still on the Beta…

Would be ideal if we could have an identifier for Beta releases even if it is just “35.4 (Beta)”

The public hasn’t rolled out yet, so what fw are you showing? 0.35.04 will start rolling out at 11am est.

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