Hub Firmware Release Notes - 21.12

(Zach Varberg) #1


  • 0.21.12

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2)

Release Date

  • Thursday, April 12th

Release Notes

  • Add support for additional DTHs to execute locally
    • Fibaro Motion Sensor (original non-ZW5 version)
    • Fibaro Door/Window Sensor (original non-ZW5 version)
    • Virtual Switch
    • Virtual Dimmer Switch
    • ZLL Dimmer Bulb
    • ZLL RGB Bulb
    • ZLL RGBW Bulb
    • ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb
    • ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb 5000K
  • Improved Z-Wave network stability and connectivity by upgrading the Z-Wave Protocol Version to 4.54
  • Fix problems discovering multiple Zigbee devices at once and also with discovering certain devices (ex: Innr and Nue)
  • Fix issue while sending 10 or more Zigbee messages at the same time
  • Improved reliability communicating with LAN-connected devices
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Firmware updates for the following devices
    • Sengled Classic, Touch, Plus and Color Plus - add support for secure rejoin
    • OSRAM PAR16, CLA 60 and B40 ZLL bulbs - improve reliability


Now those are helpful release notes! :sunglasses: Well done!

(Sully) #3

So do you have to use the Virtual Device Creator App to make a virtual switch local? Or will the virtual switches we’ve created through the IDE automatically become local? I’d assume anything using the Virtual switch DTH would be local, but that’s usually when I get myself in trouble… I’ve seen a few references in the beta discussions, but I wasn’t certain how all of that would work.

(Jimmy) #4

There are two new device types that runs local, whether you create a virtual device from the app or in the IDE doesn’t matter. The confusion will be for years people created “virtual devices” which used the “simulated switch/dimmer” device type. Well the new ones that run local are appropriately named “virtual switch/dimmer”.

(Sully) #5

Point taken. I haven’t been in the IDE in a while and assumed that the dth I was using was the virtual one. (Remember what I said about getting myself in trouble… :joy:) Now, that you mention it, I do remember it being a simulated switch, not a virtual one. Good to know! Thanks!

(Zach Varberg) #6

@prjct92eh2 is correct. However, one gotcha that comes from creating the device directly in the IDE is you have to specify the hub field when creating the device otherwise it won’t run locally (because we don’t know which hub should run it). By default that field will not be filled in and it’s easy to miss when creating one manually.

(Jimmy) #7

I’m surprised the Hub and Location fields aren’t required.

(Zach Varberg) #8

I’ll also use this opportunity to share another new feature that actually just came out today:

You can now set a SmartLighting rule to only trigger if a switch is in a specific state. This is an added use case for the locally running virtual switches, but it can be used in the cloud, or with any other switch device as well!

(Zach Varberg) #9

The reason would be that there could be some cloud to cloud integrations that aren’t tied to any hub or location and could be used across all your SmartThings locations.


Ah, some good stuff in here. Excited about the local virtual switch and the SmartLighting switch condition. Kind of worried about the Z-Wave protocol update. No clue what that actually entails. . . .but makes me worried about network gremlins coming to my house on Thursday.

(Kianoosh Karami) #11


I will fight off any network gremlins coming your way on Thursday, a personal guarantee. “Network gremlins” is the best I have heard so far.


(Jimmy) #12

Very nice! Also a good time to remind people of the other new feature: mirror behavior. (apparently titled by a Canadian or UK dev :wink: )

Are mirror and the switch restriction eligible for local execution?

(Zach Varberg) #13

You bet, following the same rules as anything else for local execution, if all devices participating in a rule run locally the automation will run locally as well.

(Jimmy) #14

Great news!

(David) #15

This is awesome, this should purge more stuff from my WebCoRE. Now only if I had a V2 hub this would run local.

Any chance of creating a system that will always preform a task every X minutes or seconds while a switch is on?

Change Light color every minute while virtual light color change switch in on.

(Devesh Batra) #16

Can’t wait. Already updated my Virtual switches to use the Virtual Switch DH in anticipation :smiley:

(John C) #17

This is huge! Thanks for adding this feature.

And for the helpful release notes, as @JDRoberts already stated. :sunglasses:


Agreed as before this I would go to webCoRE if I needed that condition. Nothing wrong with WC course but you’re immediately pushed to cloud when you might otherwise be local.

(Jimmy) #19

@Zach_Varberg are the Smart Lighting enhancements dependent on the hub firmware update?

(Zach Varberg) #20

No, they should work locally on anything after version 0.19.X of the hub, but you will be far more limited on which devices run locally on older versions of the firmware.