Hub Firmware Beta 24.10


  • 0.24.10

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)

Release Date

  • Thursday October 4 Friday October 5

Release Notes

  • Fix issue with new Xiaomi Aqara sensors not being able to join the hub
  • Firmware updates for latest generation of Samsung sensors to fix issues which caused the devices to be unresponsive

Funny that I’ve been having troubles all week with my new Aqaras and this comes out, guess I’ll quit trying to get them all connected until my hub updates.

does this fix an issue introduced with this Beta or a long standing issue from previous firmware versions?

This fixes a problem introduced in the beta that only affects the Xiaomi devices with more recent firmware. For example, the Aqara sensors I have use application version 3 and those work fine but later versions (ex: 5) did not until 0.24.10.

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Thanks Tom. Even though i don’t use them anymore, glad to see you guys thinking of the masses of people that do even though they aren’t officially supported.

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While the beta is being updated is there any chance of setting the simulated contact and motion sensors to operate locally?

Currenty using a simulated contact/motion sensor with SmartLighting forces it into the cloud. :roll_eyes:

Did the hub beta eliminate the SSDP logs from the hub events in the IDE?

Have the bug was there then gone then was re introduced in the previous update been fixed. It’s causing open and closed commands to not be sent and stop working and only one or the other will work. I.e only open being sent or only closed. This is on z-wave devices

It’s a bit discouraging to not see any mention of fixes for non-xiaomi devices.
I haven’t received the update yet but hopefully it will resolve the 15 devices that keep going offline (ZW and Zigbee)

Is this still rolling out today?
I restarted my hub today because it was having z-wave issues and I’m watching the hub events and it keeps restarting the z-wave radio because of zwBadNode events on 4 or 5 of my devices

Would you please try excluding those devices first and then re-adding them? This means the radio is crashing communicating with those nodes.

I tried that for mine with similar error and it got stuck at “checking device health”

We decided not to the roll out the release today to give us more time to test the changes. Sorry for the late notice. I’ll provide an update tomorrow about the plans.

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while i realize this is a beta… but this will involve a lot of work as they are used in many automations.

Nothing has changed and this just started 2 days ago likely after a platform deployment

Yeah I have the same. The repair rather than exclude seems to work better

The weird part is that if I edit the led indicator settings and press save it kicks the device back online for a few hours

They have asked me to do the same, I started with my most simple one last night and it took me hours!!

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maybe i was trying a replace instead of general exclusion. Like @tonesto7 said, mine started a couple days ago. a general exclusion would be a PITA.

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Are you saying that you excluded a set of devices recently and then subsequently added them now and you are noticing the badNode exception on those devices? Because if so, can you please message me the Node IDs

No. I had 3 or 4 z-wave devices go offline all the sudden. They also throw errors during z-wave repair and don’t update status in the app. But they are still controllable by the app or automations. I tried rebooting the hub and while watching the hub event logs during the reboot noticed bad node errors. I tried doing a z-wave replace for the devices and it hangs at checking device health.

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