2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.35.04

Hi @saosinx88, my hub shows 35.4

Have you tried editing and saving the automations again?

Awesome. I’m currently in fw 34.01 so by 11AM EST I should have an update for fw 35.04 which includes the local automations correct?

Perfect. I see what you’re saying and do see that my ST Plug does show as LOCAL. As soon as the update is available I will give it a try. To test, I will have my ST Plug turn off my router and modem and locally it should turn it back on at a specified time without having to rely on the cloud to run the automation.

I’ll keep you all posted on the results and cheers to the beginning of local automations using a Smartthings hubV3.

I appreciate your thorough response. Thanks!

They are all new automations as I reset my hub and started a new location and removed the old one.

However the new automations have been created the same as the old which were local before the reset

the firmware update is scheduled to take place over 4 days so not everyone will get it right away.

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Sounds good. Thanks for the update!

I don’t understand why mole changes are not local. Most of my automations are based on the three standard modes.

Might simply be because they are attributes of the location and there would be a need to reconcile local changes with the cloud and other hubs.


Automation that detects or manipulate location mode arent local capable yet Ron.


To clarify - Hub 35.x contains the code to allow for local rules execution for compatible automations. It will not be enabled by default for all users though. At this time local rules is available to beta participants and we will be rolling it out to all users after the beta wraps up.


Thanks for the clarity @blake.arnold,

I seem to have lost local processing after a hub factory reset + starting on a fresh location (removed old location and devices). I can confirm I am on the 35.04 beta.

I believe you filed a report in CenterCode? Enablement is tied to location which was done at a point-in-time for beta participants, so when you set things up again you got a new locationId which does not have the feature enabled. I’ll follow up with the team to see about adding your new location; adding your locationId (from ide) to the CenterCode ticket should help to expedite.

Hi @posborne,

Yes that’s correct I did raise this in CentreCode,

Thank you for explaining about it being tied to location ID and that would be fantastic if you could get this enabled by the team😃.

Will this be via another firmware update or back end? Just curious.

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It’s a feature flag, so it won’t require another firmware update.


Awesome! Thanks for the reply

Your new location is now enabled for local execution, please try again.

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@ady624 it now works perfectly, thank you very much kind sir


why are the services still offline?

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