Zwave Utility and exclusion doesn't working!

Zwave Utility and exclusion doesn’t working!! in the Classic App & New App!
Also I can’t open my Hub location from SmartThings Groovy IDE!

I removed your image as it contained your email address.

I also fixed the issue which was the same as this Corrupt device is causing 500 Internal Server Error.


Hi Brad … Do I need to remove all my devices and Reset The Hub!!?
Please don’t tell me that!

No, I already removed the corrupt device record. So you lost one device but it wouldn’t have been functioning anyway.

But why i’m still seeing the error?

Can you open a customer support ticket?

The above issue is different than the one you originally reported.

This is my ticket number 720009

The problem was started with me when I’m using the old App… and I clicked to add new room!

After this action that I make everything is stopped working!

Thank you.

I see the issue now. You actually have 2 Samsung accounts associated with SmartThings under the same email address with different locations associated with each account.

Both accounts should be working now but having two accounts with the same email address will likely be problematic.

Can you remove my “Home Hub” please! i tried But still showing Error: 500: internal Server Error