Error:500: Internal Server Error Can't delete my Location

(terence peace) #1

I’m trying to reset everything so I can start again.
I followed the “how to reset the hub” on the Samsung UK site and went to my Smartthings ide webpage
to delete my location. But it won’t let me. I keep getting this
Error:500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id:3efcbfcb-fb25-4dd2-8013-5ea70576cf6d
Date:Thu Aug 24 08:40:27 UTC 2017

I did install the android app of Smartthings, but it just crashes.
How to fix this?

PS I have talked to someone on the Samsung chat. But they couldn’t help me.
Thanks people.

I’ve tried to add my hub but that’s not doing anything.

Samsung announces SmartThings Cloud
(terence peace) #2

Do Smartthings support come on these forums?
I’m still getting the error.

(Antti Kleemola) #3

Hi. I did have same problem. The root cause might be that you cannot delete the default location. I created new location, changed that to be the default location. After that I was able to change old location as “not default” and then remove it.

(Ryan Winchester) #4

I was getting the same error. Switching default location worked for me too.