My SmartThings Groovy IDE is empty?


My SmartThings Hub (~6 years old-V2?) Is maybe dying. The hub loses connection more frequently lately. I have called Samsung Support and have done everything they’ve suggested except a factory reset- it is my understanding I need to exclude/reinclude every device and if I’m going to do that I may as well swap to a new hub instead of a 6 year old one since it’s the same amount of work. It’s not the $$, just the time involved to switch.

The hub went out for a few hours again last night, but it’s back on and I can control everything. Here’s the weird thing- I’m logged into my Groovy IDE right now too, and the dashboard says I have no hubs or devices. The email addresses are the exact same on my SmartThings(phone app) and my Groovy IDE(online).

Any ideas why this is happening?

good luck - Jim

In IDE, go to My Locations and tap on the name of your Location. Then check if your hub and devices appear.

My advice… I would not switch to a newer hub unless the v2;is really dead or dying.

If your hub is having issues… everything should still appear in IDE.

How many Edge drivers are installed on your hub?

Try powering the hub off for several minutes and remove the batteries.

Thanks- I found everything by following your suggestion. Everything seems to be there.

Out of curiosity, I went to z-wave exclusion in z-wave utilities under my hub in the phone app , but I get a message saying ‘No devices were detected’ What’s up with that?

Edit- I don’t think I have any edge drivers installed


Open the hub in the ST app, click on the 3 dots and if you see Driver in the list then you have Edge drivers. Select it to see see all the Edge Drivers installed on your hub. Doubt it is your issue but just giving you a quick lesson checking.

Hmmm strange one.

Does that message pop up quickly? Or is it after you start exclusion on your hub and do the things you need to do on the device ?

No- the message does not pop up quickly- it thinks for a bit. The reasoning behind this was to see how easy it would be to remove 1 device- maybe I’m going about it the wrong way.

If (while the hub still works) I were to proactively remove (exclude?) every device and add everything back to a new hub- would this be easier than trying to switch things after my hub dies? My hub worked perfectly for 5+ years- it never went offline, etc. The frequency and length of hub outages is getting worse for the last 9(?) months. That’s the only reason I think it’s dying.


You would be able to exclude from any new hub if the current hub dies. It is going to be a difficult task no mater at what point you do it… if it is even needed.

Try powering off the hub for several minutes and remove the batteries. Then try your exclusion.

You should also contact ST support and see if they will investigate.

Have you tried a different ethernet cable and plugging into a different port on your switch or router.

I am still not certain it is the hub that is dying. It could a cloud or connection issue to ST servers or something resulting from the migration from legacy architecture to the new one.