ZW15RM-Plus (Enerwave Duplex Outlet w/ Energy Monitoring)

Enerwave Duplex Outlet w/ Energy Monitoring

I have tried to get this particular item to report energy usage, but it fails to do so under either the default SmartThings Z-Wave Metered Switch/Outlet or the custom device handler for ZW15SM found in another thread (ZW15SM)

I’ve dropped logging statements throughout the device handler, but I don’t seem to ever get ANY reports from this device, as it never even hits the parse method, let alone any advanced functionality. The manual seems to indicate that the newer Plus model uses association groups for its basic and power reports, but I can’t seem to get them to work correctly.

Has anyone gotten this device to work well or have any suggestions to try?

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Hi, connected one to my system and it reported energy usage with default handler. set up a routine and wart to check it and it no longer suppose power usage. Also tried the custom handler without success