Custom device type for enerwave zw15sm switch

This is my custom device type for the enerwave zw15sm switch.
This is a power monitoring switch but also has custom lite when on and lite when off configuration parameters (the std class doesn’t work) and there is no “never lite” option.

Anyway here is my custom code… it may support other enverwave switches not sure…
there is parameter 1 with values 0 and 1 for the lite when on and lite when off.

I used this switch over the ge switch in this case as it is not a dimmer and supports up to 15amps which I need since I am using this on my roof coil.

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what is a roof coil? An ice dam heater?

Thank you @Lgkahn, I was just looking for something like this a few days ago. I have a whole house fan that I want to meter. Have you considered adding some additional code to calculate actual $ cost similar to the Aeon Power meter switch? I’m afraid I’m not a programmer so this task would be beyond me.

Yes a wire that heats the edge of the roof

I have been looking for a way to make certain that both of my AC units do not run at the same time because my electric bill charges for load. Both air handlers have a 15 amp switch to turn them on/off for service, but normally they are always on. They probably draw a small load even when the unit isn’t running. At any rate, I am wondering if this app can trigger an action based on how many watts is it using – for instance, if switch A is drawing >2.5 watts, then turn off switch B and vice versa.

Or maybe make it so it only reports that it is on when load rises above a certain level. Then I could accomplish this with IFTTT.

What do you think?

this is a device type not a smart app… there are already smart apps out there that can do this… if not you can use simple rule builder to turn on one if the other is turned off… no need to monitor watts for that whether the switch is on or off should be enough. check the smart apps in heating cooling. I use one to turn on my window ac and ceiling fan. when it gets too hot in office with computer equipment and turn off later

new version that has parameters and defaults for reporting time and wattage change before reporting.
this is now specific for this device as the stock device driver which I was using as a template was spewing out tones of messages every second or two… this is much nicer behaved now.

defaults are every 5 minutes and 15 watt change. although it does. Resetting overall meter does not seem to work and I cannot find any documentation on how to do it… the documents imply you have to remove and re-add the device to do it…

see here

anyway here is the github link for new vesion,

also submitted for publication … because the default metering switch driver for this device is poorly behaved and updates multiple times per second.

just updated link… there is a bug in the latest ide… it is not honoring default values in the preferences section so adding a new plug in zw15m monitoring switch it was causing an error as the default timeout was null even though I have a default in the settings.
Changed it to initialize it if it finds it null.


also works for zw15sm and this

I have 4 of these switches and put this custom device type on all of them. I can control them but the watts/usage isnt being populated…

Strange which switch do u have I have the 17 and the 33 and both work


I tried using this Device Handler with an Enerwave ZW15RM. I can control the switch okay and when I hit refresh I get values for energy usage, but the device does not appear to be reporting at all on its own. I tried using the default values in the device handler and also defining my own. I’m sure the device is being configured but it never starts Autosending energy usage. Any ideas based on what you saw while developing your device handler?


no idea here is mine logging with settings… what settings do you have… maybe ou have a bad switch. it is not going to refresh depending on time and parameters you specify.

I have just purchased the ZW15R outlets and installed this custom device handler since the default handler has no energy usage capabilities (thank you @Lgkahn !) … however, similarly, I have no data populating in the usage boxes (nor in the activity log either)


The ZW15R outlets do not have the metering capability. You want the ZW15RM model.

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Haha, ok, I’m an idiot… thanks. Swapping for the RM model. Thx again!

Does anyone out there using this device or the developer of the device handler know if the energy meter features monitors both plugs or just the z wave enabled one? I am trying to turn on the lights behind my TV when it is turned on. The always on part of this is perfect for a tv and the light behind it could be plugged into the zwave and triggered by a power draw. Anyone done this or know if that always on receptacle is metered?


I’d like to know this too, I’m hoping to use this for the laundry room.

I’m curious if anyone has used the newer ZW15RM-Plus model? I ordered one from Amazon and plan on installing it tomorrow. I’m hoping I can get the energy metering to work.

driver should work fine… no new features just plus and better range

I installed it this morning and am just using the generic Z-wave metering switch and it seems to work fine. I might go ahead and check out this device handler as well.