Enerwave ZW15RM TR Duplex Receptacle - Power Reporting on Power Change Event


I bought two of these after verifying they can report
energy level when the level changes. I installed it and paired to ST
using the ST native device type (Z-Wave Metering Switch) and found it is
as dumb as the Iris Outlet. It reports energy level only when you turn
the outlet on/off. Wow, real winner out of the box.

I see in the nice documentation that came with the outlet that it is
configurable for reporting when energy level changes. Does anyone have a
device type created for this already?

Does any power outlet hardware monitor and report energy changes with a ST device type? I want something that runs local.

Is the ST Outlet (plug) and the Aeon Smart Energy Switch (plug) the only things that work this way using ST device types?

Frustrated these are so undocumented you can’t figure out easily what works how out of the box.

A custom device type does run slower, right? It is kept in the
cloud? And if the internet goes down, I cant see the outlet if it has a
custom device type?

Could I use the ST Outlet device type? How would I reset the
Enerwave Outlet to get it to accept the new device type? Would be
custom but oh well.

(Larry) #2

here is my post for a device type for it.


Hi Larry (@Lgkahn)

Like the OP I too have a Enerwave ZW15RM and have run into the same issues.
I also tried your device type “Enerwave ZW15SM”, but I get an error:

Note I have received this error over the course of many, many days, so I do not believe it is an ST/cloud issue per se.

As an aside, I can change it successfully to a Aeon Labs Smart Metering Switch!

Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance

(Larry) #4

That error is totally different and is due to a previous device type you used. Exclude the device, rea-add it and then change from stock device type.