Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Plug In Power Monitor 15903

I did a search of the forum and didn’t see this listed by anyone. Anyone have one of these? Are you able to get the power usage info in SmartThings? I have a circulation pump that I was going to just buy a normal on/off module for to tie into some automation/routines, but I saw this for $10 more, and I would love to see the energy usage of that thing. Thanks in advance.

If you are ok with ZigBee I’d recommend:

$24.90 or 2/$40 Free Shipping.

These work with the local running SmartThings device handler and include power monitoring.

Otherwise I’d buy the Iris model for the same as the MonoPrice. It is identical to the CentraLite above but also includes a Z-Wave Plus repeater (plug still controlled through ZigBee).

After saying that take note that the MonoPrice is rated to 15A, the CentraLite is 12A.

I have two and I’m about to return them. They appeared to pair with Smartthings but then they wouldn’t respond to any commands. Even manual operation was spotty. Couldn’t exclude them either. Doubt I got bum units since both did the same thing. Not recommended.

I wrote a handler for this, but I only know enough to make it work, not enough to properly submit it to the official repository. Anyway, hope this helps someone:

Hey, that’s great! Thanks for posting. Can you provide a little more
detail about how it works, what it displays, etc.? Are you able to
successfully use SmartApps with the device? (In my case, I have a
dehumidifier and I would like to get alerts when it turns on and turns
off. I thought I would use this device and then create an alert based
on power draw.)

Not getting Monoprice’s 15903 to work at all reliably even a few feet from the Smartthings controller. The device is listed as unavailable. I’v also tried plenTpak device handler with no love. Thoughts? Anyone use a different handler successfully?