Enerwave ZW15RM wireless Z-wave in-wall smart meter energy monitor TR Duplex receptacle

Anyone try this device:


It records energy usage and is tamper resistant.

It looks interesting - especially with the smart energy monitor and tamper resistance. I haven’t tried other Enerwave products with relays in them, so I wonder how loud the relay in this one is?

I also found this part of the product description humorous:

…and a Blue LED on the face cover indicates the status of the controlled outlet and acts as a night light

I’m not sure I really want LEDs on my devices that are so bright that they can act as night lights! I actually prefer devices where the LEDs are off (either when the device is turned off or once it is paired).

I have the previous version that does not have the “smart meter” feature. It paired fine, but the indicator status LED ignores the on/off commands. They go on when the switch is off no matter what. I never dug into the code figure out the problem. The LED is blue but not as bright as the GE/Jasco receptacles.

My spouse actually likes the “night light” but the intensity doesn’t match the GE/Jasco units so I have this one in a room by itself so it does not look too much out of place.

Did anyone try this yet?


Hi Larry (@Lgkahn )

I have one of these switches…
I have successfully installed & published for myself the device type you created.
However, when I try to change the device type from generic metering switch to your type, I get this error:

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

that usually means some conflict between inputs with a previous device type and mine… remote the devicve . with a general device exclusion… delete all custom device types… re-add the device… then add the custom device type…

Thanks for the update, I will do so…
Also, please excuse me, but you may get another notification from me on the same topic in a different thread.

Thanks again

I have tried this this custom device handler (since the default handler has no energy usage capabilities) on the the Enerwave ZW15R outlets. Device still works great for on-off power, however, I have no data populating in the usage boxes (nor in the activity log either). I’ve posted to the developer @Lgkahn on this thread.

I must comment on this device. Today is Sunday, I installed one of these receptacles on Thursday evening to control a 12000 btu window unit air conditioner. I bought this devices especially because it touted energy monitoring (even though there weren’t many details on this feature). My home automation system uses a Wink Hub 2 as the brains. This device paired easily with the Wink Hub 2 using a Leviton receptacle configuration as this brand nor device is supported by Wink. I have spent all of Friday evening and most of the weekend looking for a home automation system that utilizes the energy monitoring feature of this device. Wink doesn’t offer access to this feature. I can’t find any home automation system that says they support this feature. I emailed the manufacturer and look over their entire website. They have not responded to my Thursday evening email and their web site has no details on how to utilize the energy monitoring feature of their devices. I emailed Wink Support and they referred me to Stringify for a solution. I’m at a loss as what to do next. Any one have any sugestions?

Well @Oakende_Rex you found your solution… ST may not support the energy meter natively (aka without added code… a Device Type Handler in this case) but there are many community members that fill in the gaps by writing one and sharing it. I believe ST to be much more powerful than Wink but you will have to get your hands dirty as it is not really “plug and play”.

A few posts above @Lgkahn posted his contribution that should serve your purpose… if you jump to the ST platform.