Do Z-Wave outlets show energy use (not plug-in outlets)?

Do Z-Wave outlets show energy use? I’m eventually going to be adding some outlets. I love how the SmartThings outlet provides data on wattage being used.

Most manufacturers, including GE and Leviton, are expected to bring in new Z wave plus models in mid to late 2017. Those may have additional features.

Meanwhile, the current generation Enerwave has an energy metering model model. ( look for the ones that say “smart meter” as different models have different features.)


The main advantages of Z wave plus is longer range and somewhat easier in place pairing, both beneficial for wired receptacles. But you may not want to wait.

So I should be able to see the energy drawn from what’s plugged in?

Like this:

Yes, if you choose the specific model that has energy metering.

I see. Okay.

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