Zooz Switch Doesn't Work with SmartThings Routines

I have a Zooz Zen34 light switch and a SAMSUNG GP-U999SJVLGDA 3rd Generation SmartThings Hub. I have the Edge Z-Wave driver installed on the hub. When I setup a routine to control anything, it works using the test button, but when I use the Zen34 switch nothing turns on. I’ve tried it with controlling a Sonos device and with controlling a Hue light bulb. The Hue bulb is controlled by a Hue hub which is linked to the SmartThings Hub.

Any ideas as to why it doesn’t work? Thanks.

can you post a screenshot of that Routine? is it a Manually Run Routine or Automatic Routine?

Automatic. Screenshots attached.

check if a zooz edge driver is available for your switch in the link below. install it on your hub then switch the driver on your switch to it. then test your routine.

thread about zooz drivers:

Thanks. That was the first driver I tried. Same result.

Going back a step, is the app able to see the correct status of the switch and to control it via the Devices pages in the app?


I’m able to control the switch via the zigbee driver but not via the Zwave driver. I have attached screenshots of the device status for both drivers. The Z-Wave version of the switch is not responding. The zigbee switch responded when I turned it on from the SmartThings app and it triggered the routine I had set up. But when I hit the on switch on the actual physical switch the routine does not trigger.

The switch via the Z-Wave driver does show connected on the SmartThing app screen but then when you click on it it shows the screenshot above.

Also any other suggestions for a battery powered stick on the wall rocker switch that works with a SmartThings Hub? (in case we are unable to get this one to work) Thanks!

I have several Zooz Zen34 remotes in use with the zooz channel driver. Have you tried installing the driver, excluding and repairing the zen34?

Check the fingerprint at Samsung account

If it’s all zeros, the pairing failed to complete, and no driver will work.

FAQ: Manufacturer/Model Shows All Zeroes

Also, I would suggest getting in touch with Zooz support, they are usually very good, and are very familiar with SmartThings.

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The fingerprint is fine on the switch with either driver.


I excluded the switch from the network repair the network and then added it back in. Still will not work. I will contact their support.

Any suggestions for any other battery-powered stick-on rocker switches?

If you have a Hue bridge, you can use the run less wire friends of Hue switch, but you have to use a custom edge driver, and sadly SmartThings keeps making changes that break that. It’s very popular, but it’s annoying to keep up with, particularly since the author has put so much work into it to create an integration that’s better than the official one. :thinking: also, if you just use them so they look like a traditional rocker then they are quite expensive, almost $60 each. They do have the option to use them as a skinny double rocker, which helps with the value, but may not be what you’re looking for. I have a couple of these, and like them, but they serve a very specific purpose for me.


But I think the zen 34 is the most popular in the community for North American users right now, and it seems to work well for most people, so I would try Zooz support first.

There is also an Ecolink Z wave smart switch cover that comes in a rocker style, but I don’t know if there’s an edge driver for that yet. I haven’t seen one referenced.

Thanks. I usually use Hue brand switches but the problem is there are two houses and three Hue hubs. I need to be able to control the Hue light bulbs in the other houses but the Hue zigbee network will not reach between the houses. I have tried using Hue smart plugs as repeaters and they will not span the distance. So I am trying the Smartthings hub with a switch to solve this problem.

Where is the SmartThings hub relative to the switch?

Also, do you have a hue hub in the other building?

I’ve been emailing with Zooz’s support. They haven’t figured it out yet. There was an additional Zen34 driver they had me install in addition to the Edge driver, but still not working.

One house has like about 75 hue light bulbs and two hubs. The other house has maybe 40 hue light bulbs and one hue hub and one smart things hub. The light switch is about 10 ft away from the smart things hub with one wall in between. It has no problem adding it.

Support helped fix the problem for me. I had to exclude the switch, factory reset the switch, reboot the smart things hub, and then add the switch back in.

Sorry for the delay in responding but this forum would not let me post again since I was a new user and I had to wait overnight.