Zooz ZEN23 not working with Smartthings



Looking for some suggestions. I recently bought a couple of Zooz ZEN23 switches and a SmartThings hub and am having issues getting it to work properly.

I installed the switch (replaced a regular switch, not a 3-way switch). I am able to manually turn the lights on and off using the toggle switch. I added it to SmartThings hub and my app recognizes the status of the switch when I manually turn it on and off using the toggle switch. But I am not able to control the switch using the app on my phone.

Things I have tried…

  • Removed the switch using exclusion mode and toggling down 3 times and re-adding it
  • Changed the device type form zwave relay to zwave switch,
  • Loaded the ZEN23 device handler from GitHub (removed and re-added switch)
  • Removed the switch, rebooted the hub and re-added switch
  • disabled healthcheck, ran network repair, removed and re-added switch

Nothing seems to help.

I have a V2 hub, the switch is in a plastic box, and the hub is in the same room about 12 feet from switch.

I contacted SmartThings hub and they suggested I try getting help from this forum.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


(Jimmy) #2

Email zooz and/or The Smartest House support. They are very helpful. I’ll tag them too @TheSmartestHouse


Thanks for the suggestion. I have been emailing back and forth with TheSmartestHouse support and they have been very responsive for sure. I have tried all their suggestions thus far with no luck. It seems many people on this forum has gotten these switches to work. So I thought I would try to see if anyone had any tips or tricks while I continue to work with TheSmartestHouse support team.

Seems bizarre that I am having issues when it sounds like so many others have it working.

(JBrown) #4

Had the same problem with a Zooz dimmer a different model, I turned the power off at the breaker feeding the switch waited a minute and turned it back on and it worked.

(Eric) #5

it seems like you have tried everything that would occur to me.

I have one of these ZEN23 in 2way, using ST device type handler “Z-Wave Switch Generic” . It too is about 12 feet from the hub through one wall, serving as a master disconnect for a troublesome LIFX-bulb. Try this device type.

This ZEN23 has never failed to respond to commands, which makes it unique in my system. Note I am still using hub v1.

Since you have another, I’d swap the hardware and see if you get different results


Thanks Jason and Eric for the suggestions. I tried turning the power off at the breaker, waiting a few minutes and turning back on and also tried using the Zwave Switch Generic device type. I also tried swapping out the current switch with the second one I had. Still no success in controlling the switch via the app.

I am starting to wonder if there is an issue with my hub. I don’t have any other zwave devices paired with my ST hub. I only have 2 other Zigsbee devices which work perfect. So I think I am going to try another zwave device this weekend. Perhaps a GE Zwave switch since SmartThings support will help me troubleshoot those devices since they are officially listed on their “Products that Work with SmartThings” page.

Thanks again for the suggestions…

(Jimmy) #7

That is strange. You don’t have the hub or switch in a metal box or something do you? Also, the neutral wire is connected to the switch?