Zooz/GE Device Connection Challenge

I’ve got a couple GE Dimmer switches on the first floor of the pool house that are able to connect to smartthings. it was a bit of a stretch in terms of distance from the hub but there are a few other devices in-between so am assuming the mesh was large enough as I didn’t have much trouble connecting them and they’re working fine. Now I’m trying the Zooz Zen24 dimmer on the second floor which is less than 15 feet away from the GE switches and can’t get it to connect. Smartthings wont recognize it with or without the “Zooz Zen24 Toggle Dimmer v2” device handler written by Don Caruana. Any suggestions on debugging? I read something about number of hops might be too large. Should I bounce the hub to rebuild the mesh and try again? As always, help greatly appreciated.

What I’ll try first is to connect it close to the hub, and then move it into place where you want it. With wall switches it can be a pain to do this, so I have occasionally run a long cat cable to the switch to bring the hub closer temporarily for the device to be discovered before moving it back to its original location.

When I have used this method I always switch the hub off for 10-15 minutes & then on again; subject to correction, this kinda forces a z-wave analysis/repair; I’m still very leery of the Z-Wave repair option in ST.

Optionally, and this is what I have read & never tried myself, some button controller can act to connect remote devices.


Good idea. I’ll try pulling the hub out and eliminate the question of if the switch is able to be recognized. Will post back with results. Thanks again.

No luck. I also plugged in a Z-Wave Plus Outdoor Wireless Smart Lighting Control into an outlet in the same area (but further away from the hub). This was one that I had already added to the smart things network prior. I had no problem controlling the device which would seem to indicate that the network is able to reach the area so “think” I have eliminated signal strength as a possibility. Now I’m back at the device handler and looking for someone who may have already successfully added the Zen24 in SmartThings.

I should add that when going through the exclusion process, the device is recognized right away, even though it was never included.

Are you doing the correct procedure from zooz to add them in to smartthings? I have a mix of GE with Zooz and they are working fine. I don’t use a custom handler, z wave generic dimmer should work.

When you try to add the dimmer, what smartthings tells you? It found a Thing?

vjv, thanks for the reply. I’m using what the Zooz documentation tells me for adding it to SmartThings… put ST in Add mode and then push up the toggle switch 3 times. If that doesn’t work then try 6 or 7 times. I don’t get to the point where it recognizes anything, it just continues to look for a device. In other words, it doesn’t find a thing, a z wave dimmer, a zooz dimmer or anything at all. Strangely enough when I go through the process of excluding the device… pugging hub in exclude mode and then pushing down 3 times on the switch, it DOES recognize the exclusion.

I see, so the hub doesn’t recognize the Zooz, that’s weird, how many new devices are you trying to add? Just one? Or you have the same problem with multiple devices?

Just adding one this time. I’ve been installing smart things devices for about 5 years and this is the first I just couldn’t get to connect.

I was asking because maybe the device you have is defective, your hub works, this new device is not recognized.

Can you exclude another dimmer and try adding the Zooz then the other dimmer?

We just tested a few switches (different models ZEN23, ZEN24, ZEN21) to make sure it’s not an issue with the latest production run but all of them added on the first try. SmartThings is about to push a firmware update and we’ve been getting similar complaints from other ST users not being able to add different devices in the past few days so this may be related. Our techs experienced more issues with inclusion than usual when testing returns as well so we hope the new firmware update will address it.

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Yeah, I saw the firmware update coming but the tech notes seemed to address zigbee and sirens but will try to add the device again tomorrow after the update. I’ll also try the second Zen24 device I bought to see if, in fact, it is an individual bad device.