Zigbee Devices giving Issues

OK, I tried searching the forum to see if there is a topic that is covering this. I could not find one and if I did miss one, then please excuse me and we can continue discussion there.

This was discussed in different threads, but I thought it would be good to have a dedicated thread for this. Since last 2-3 weeks, my zigbee devices have been failing quite consistently. Signatures that I have observed,

  1. They fail to report the correct state
  2. They fix themselves and then break
  3. Sometimes they break and the only way to get them back working is to power cycle.

Things that I tried,

  1. Remove power from hub for 10-15 minutes (Multiple times) - Helps temporarily
  2. Remove batteries from all zigbee devices and wait for 10-15 minutes - Helps temporarily
  3. Remove power from affected Zigbee device momentarily - Helps temporarily
  4. Uninstall a device completed and add again - Helps temporarily

Devices on which I observed this issue:

SmartThings Multi Sensor
SmartThings Motion Sensor
SmartThings Contact Sensor

Other Zigbee devices I have that did not demonstrate this issue,

SmartThings Power Outlet
Spruce Irrigation Controller

Anyone else saw these issues with these devices? Before someone asks me to open a ticket with support - Its already done… ! I was interested to know if more people are seeing this issue?

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I have had similar problems since the platform update with the motion sensor.

Have had the same issues since I first used the new setlevel option in Smart Lightning. My entire mesh has been acting up, mainly the devices you’ve mentioned. My problems stopped when support changed one of my motion sensor device type to a non-local type. Doing so disabled my local processing, but it certainly stabilized my system. I can send you the email I’ve got from support if you’d like…

If I were to guess, it has something to do with this…

And this …

Ok, I am taking it out of context, but …still

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I had 2 smartsense motion sensors fail for the 1st time ever. The only way they would work again was with a battety pull at the sensor.

I’ve had bulb anomalies which were solved by power cycling the switch 1 time.

All else has been fine at device level on V1 hub most recent android app.

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